Who is Charlotte Perospero?

When it comes to the characters we love, Charlotte Perospero is definately one of them. The eldest son of the Charlotte Family, Charlotte is a member of the Big Mom Pirates, and Totto Land’s Minister of Candy.

Due to his actions, he is a major antagonist of the Whole Cake Island Arc.

He is tall and slim, his nose is pointy man with a pointed nose and a very long thick tongue.

He wears a long, yellow coat with a tall collar and the top buttons resembling large, indigo and white striped pieces of wrapped candy. The bottom of his coat has an indigo and white checkered design and large pale yellow beads along the hem.

There’s a magenta beaded bracelet on each wrist and his long sharp fingernails are painted dark purple. His large, indigo and white striped hat has magenta lollipops along its rim and a large, pale pink plume. Something large and purple with magenta polka-dots comes out from under his hat and curves upward on either side. His shoes have a long tip spiraling inward. He carries large magenta and pink candy cane with a curled top which he often licks.

Perospero shows his sadistic side by mocking a helpless Judge.

Perospero is extremely sadistic, taking great joy in tormenting others, such as when he threatened Caesar Clown with the prospect of being turned into candy and licked to death while also squeezing his heart for fun,[2] as well as when he mocked a sobbing Vinsmoke Judge once the latter realized Big Mom’s treachery.[5] Like his mother, he has a strong fondness for sweets, demonstrated when he gluttonously licked a giant candy cane while introducing Caesar to his new laboratory. He refers to people like he would candy, calling them “sweet” as he referred to Nami as a sweet “candy girl”.

He appears to be very affectionate and kind towards children as shown when he told a group of little children to be nice with each other as he offered them lollipops and allowed them to eat the candy escalator he made with his power.

He has a tendency to use the verbal tic, “Perorin♪”, at the beginning or end of his sentences. Like many other characters, he has a unique laugh: “Kukukuku”.

During the wedding, Perospero personally trapped the Vinsmoke Family in place with his Devil Fruit power and gleefully prepared to massacre each of them with the other members of the Charlotte Family. He listened to Judge’s tearful pleas for help but was utterly unsympathetic to the Germa King’s plight, comparing his state to a cow about to be slaughtered.[5] However, because of Luffy causing Big Mom to scream, Perospero was incapacitated and unable to kill Judge nor his children as Sanji would free his family from his grasp. When they were given their suits, he tried to kill them again only for Ichiji to attack him for his actions.

Straw Hat Pirates

Like the rest of his family, Perospero views the Straw Hats as enemies due to their stance against Big Mom. He first encountered them in the Prisoner Library where he taunted the captive Luffy and Nami, especially when Luffy challenged Big Mom again.

At the wedding ceremony, the Straw Hats caused a rampage and Perospero attempted to kill the Vinsmokes only for Luffy to prevent his actions by causing Big Mom to scream, incapacitating Perospero. This allowed Sanji to free his family from Perospero’s grasp and his crew to give them back their weapons.

After he regained his composure, he joined his family in forcing them to retreat into Bege’s fortress. Perospero managed to prevent the Straw Hats and their allies from escaping by trapping Bege’s fortress with candy before laughing at a lose-lose situation.

Originally, he trusted Bege due to the latter being seemingly loyal to Big Mom. Perospero entrusted Caesar Clown’s heart into the rook’s possession only for Bege to liberate the scientist for his own goals. At the wedding ceremony, he was confused by Bege’s actions as the latter revealed his true colors[16] which foiled Perospero’s attempts to kill the Vinsmoke Family.

After he regained his composure, Perospero prevented Bege from attacking his mother by creating a candy wall to block Bege’s cannon fire. To ensure Bege would not escape, Perospero trapped Bege’s giant castle in candy and laughed at the latter’s situation.

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