In the real meantime,

Pope II. Urban declared a holy war against the holy land, Jerusalem in August 15th, 1096, which it was the first holy war to free the holy land!

And this crusader wars were been raging over 2 centuries.
In other words from the 11th to the 13th century!

Where a lot of kings like –

  • King Richard Lionheart, English king,
  • King Andrew II. Hungarian king,
  • King Louis VII, French King,
  • Emperor Redbeard Frederick I of the German-Roman Empire
  • Prince Henny II of Austria,
  • Prince Jason of Hungary,
  • Emperor Henry VI of the German-Roman Empire,
  • King Louis IX, French King,
  • and many other kings were joined.

And this 200-year-war was a real bloodbath, where children were been taking part!

Sorry, I’m trying to tell you more concisely, because it’s too long to tell the whole history about the crusader wars.

Which means, in One Piece, the 20 kings were joined during that war where a greater or lesser movements joined in the first place, when the ancient kindgom declared a war against the Holyland, which is named as Mariejois.

When they captured the Holyland, those 20 kings were met and founded the World Government. But one of them were refused to be being a part of the holyland.

After the war, in 1206 (I mean the Crusader war in the real meantime)
13 nobles were separated from the crusaders and they had been keeping a secret meeting in every year, in a run-down pub in the heart of Venice. 4 or 9 of them were backed down when they heard the horrors of their “comrades”. But they couldn’t have left without punishment to take out the trash.

And they were known as the Venetian Black Nobility, where their main place is in Switzerland in our present days.

Maybe Switzerland is conspires in One Piece, because the Celestial Dragons were inspired by the Black Nobility. Switzerland is untouchable, nobody can touch a Black Noble.

The celestial dragons are controlling the values, the food, which country can rise up or fall down, where they created the system (Shichibukai, Yonkou) to assign a sucker to rule over an assigned country. What can get an uprising or downfall by EACH assigned person.

See: Alabasta, Dressrosa, Wano Kingdom.

By creating a NEW WORLD ORDER.

This is why Monkey D. Dragon had enough of the constant lies and created the Revolutionary Army.

And since I always notice that, the history repeats itself in One Piece, maybe in the final war will be as the same as it started. But here, the Revo Army will start a greater or lesser attacks against the Marines and local movements.

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