One Piece Chapter 873: “Trapped Like Sweets in a Cage”

Hey guys! I’m here with the review of One Piece Chapter 873. In the previous chapter, the Whole Cake Chateau fell down. Streusen used his devil fruit ability to minimise the damage caused from fall. Thanks to his powers, the casualties were very few. However, at the end of the chapter Big Mom went on rampage. Now continuing towards the new chapter, the Chateau was turned into a real by Streusen. The Big Mom pirates were helping out the citizens, who were trapped under the cake. Tamago came to know that the Tea Party was destroyed by Bege and the Alliance.

After a long time we finally got a glimpse of Pekoms. Baron Tamago informs Charlotte Oven that the communications to the hall were were cut off. Pekoms informs Oven that the Fishman pirates ran away from the island during the time when the communications were suspended. It was all a part of Jinbe’s plan to send Big Mom into an outrage and provide the Sun Pirates with an opportunity to escape.

Katakuri asks Brulee to accompany him in order to kill Luffy so that he might not big threat to Mama in the future. His conversation was interrupted as Smoothie was shouting in panic. Big Mom had Opera in her hand, who had fallen prey to her power. Big Mom continued to destroy things around her. They thought that they could create a cake similar to the wedding cake but, Streusen is hurt and he can’t do anything. Meanwhile, Perosuperō tells Mama that there was a spare wedding cake that was made with the same “mythical ingredients”. However, the cake was taken away by the Straw Hats. Big Mom halts for a while and tells Perosuperō that he’s gonna die if he is lying about the cake.

Perosuperō starts crying, but to be honest who wouldn’t? Big Mom goes off to find the Straw Hats while riding on Zeus. The rest of the Big Mom pirates are troubled by the after effects i.e, when Big Mom comes back. In steps Pudding who says that she can create a chocolate chiffon cake with the help of Chiffon. Her evil side came out and it looks like she means business. They have planned on asking Big Mom to come to Chocolat Town in order to let her eat the cake. The Straw Hats find King Baum, who is hurt. But, Nami who has Big Mom’s vivre asks him to help them. Their joy is short-lived as Big Mom comes swooping down with a sword in her hand. One Piece is on break next week.
Take a bow Oda! What a chapter! A rampaging Big Mom faces off against the Straw Hats. This is too crazy. I can’t believe it. I seriously don’t see how Big Mom is gonna let them as her precious cake was destroyed. I’m very curious about what is gonna in the next chapter.
That’s all from me. Please tell me your opinions on the chapter in the comments section below.

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