What kind of Martial Arts could the Straw Hat Pirates do?

In my opinion, this would be the most possible answer from Oda, if somebody would ask him in an SBS:


Luffy – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Because in real life Luffy would be a Brazilian)

Zoro – Aikido Karate (Because Aikido is mostly based on the Samurai Techniques, but only without swords, and Zoro would be a japanese nationality)

Nami – Hokutoryu no Jujutsu (It’s because the Hokutoryu no Jujutsu is mostly used at the North countries, like Sweden. Finland, Norway, ASF. As she would be swedish)

Usopp – Dambe (It’s because Dambe is an ancient African martial art, and Usopp would be an Afro nationality)

Sanji – Tae Kwon Do (It’s because Tae Kwon Do is mostly based on the footwork)

Chopper – Kung Fu (It’s because he uses Kung Fu Point a lot of times)

Robin – Sambo (It’s because of her Russian Nationality and Sambo is created by the Soviet Red Army in the 1920s)

Franky – American Judo (It’s because Franky would be an American and Judo would fit into him in the best way)

Brook – Wing Chun Kung-Fu (It’s because of his clothing style)

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