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Who the Hell Are You?! – One Piece Chapter 831 Review

This was not the chapter that we were expecting especially with everything that is happening right now in One Piece world In this video, I will talk about this chapter and I will tell you some of my predictions of what I think might happen in this arc

If you have any predictions of your own about this arc, let me know in the comments Anyway, when you see the Whole Cake Island on the first page it looks small, just a few cakes put together but based on this chapter it looks like it is bigger than you would expect I was surprised that Oda didn’t reveal who that character is that was behind Carrot on the last page of the previous chapter So Brook is going with Pedro in search for the road-poneglyph, and as we learned from Brook their mission is just to steal a copy of the poneglyph and not the poneglyph itself But knowing the importance of the road-poneglyph it will be hard to find especially in this island where nothing is normal and it has to be guarded by strong people

After all, we are talking about a yonko’s crew It was interesting to see that Oda did remind us again about that message that Pekoms left on the Sunny Turn Back What happened to change Pekoms’ mind and to say to the Straw Hats to turn back He knew better that anyone from the beginning that this would not be easy going on a Yonko’s territory and taking Sanji and going back just like that

I think something happened that he didn’t expect Now, let’s look more into it We know that Big Mom knows that the Straw Hats are coming to Whole Cake Island, but I don’t think this is the reason why Pekoms left this message behind Because this is too obvious and this is not Oda’s style There’s is no point of reminding us again about this message if this was that simple

I have a theory where I say that the whole cake island arc will be a big and important arc, if you want to watch this theory the link will be in the description Anyway, the notion that Big Mom and the Vinsmoke Family wants to join power doesn’t sound right to me They both want to be at the top and I don’t think they want to share power I think both parties are planning to take each other out and then take their army for themselves (and become King of the North Blue) Instead of a Wedding we might see a huge battle between the Big Mom Pirates and the Vinsmoke Family

It could be chaos, and this would suit the Straw Hats and they would be able accomplish what they came for, to take Sanji and take a copy of the Road-Poneglyph Or they could join the fight as well The villain of this arc has to be Big Mom because she is a Yonko and this is her Island And this is Luffy’s plan to defeat all the four Yonkos And since the Vinsmoke Family is Sanji’s family maybe the Straw Hats will team up with them to fight against Big Mom

I know that Sanji hates them, but I don’t think they will have a choice, because they cannot hope to defeat Big Mom and her crew themselves, they will need help I guess this would be an alliance for only one battle Anyway, now let’s go back to the chapter The Straw Hats did land on the island In the previous chapter, Luffy said that he saw someone at the coast

But in this chapter, he is saying that he saw Sanji and Pudding together, which is weird It could be that there are shapeshifters in this forest and that’s why they are seeing someone who looks like Sanji But here’s the thing the only way that this could be true is if the shapeshifter knows who the Straw Hats are and for what reason they came here in Whole Cake Island And this is why I don’t think is a shapeshifter because you see another guy like Luffy, and when Luffy starts to use his devil fruit powers the other guy did too!! It’s hard to believe that a shapeshifter can replicate the powers of the devil fruit And Nami says about Luffy that “It does look like he’s just acting like a fool in front of a mirror” But now the question is, what is the explanation for this, I think it has to do with the forest and since is called the seducing forest

Maybe the whole thing is just their imagination, they are seeing images that are in their head and that’s why they saw Sanji and Pudding because this is why they came for And about Luffy fighting another Luffy this one was weirder than the others But, who knows what’s goes on in his mind When that Crocodile didn’t want to eat them the first thing that comes to his mind is: “Are you trying to say we’re not good enough to eat” Well, Luffy I hope you can find an animal that will eat you, don’t be such a sensitive person This is it for me, this was a weird chapter, Let me know what did you guys think about this chapter in the comments

My Theory Is Proven Correct | One Piece Chapter 829 Review

A while ago I made a theory about where is the lost Red-Poneglyph, and in this chapter 2 things that I said are confirmed to be correct The first one is that the Poneglyph that Jinbe found in that city, he will give it to Big Mom

And the second that Jinbe will be in Whole Cake Island In this theory, I also say that maybe Jinbe will use the Poneglyph to convince Big Mom not to go after the Straw Hats And in this chapter, Jinbe says to Big Mom that “Today, I have something of the utmost importance, I must discuss with you” I think he wants to talk with Big Mom about the Straw Hats, otherwise, why would he be there at this time Now, it’s still not confirmed that this Poneglyph that Jinbe gave to Big Mom is a Red-Poneglyph

But I think it is a Red-Poneglyph because we learn in Zou Island that Kaido and Big Mom are after the Red-Poneglyphs, and this is why Jinbe took that Poneglyph and gave to Big Mom If this Poneglyph was just like the other ones then why would Jinbe give it to Big Mom, I don’t think she is interested in the true history But if she is, then why Jinbe didn’t give it to Big Mom also the Poneglyph that is on Fishman Island There are other reasons why I think this Poneglyph is the lost Red-Poneglyph, for more watch this theory, the link will be in the description And now let’s start the Review: The Straw Hats are heading to Whole Cake Island following the map that Pudding gave them

When Luffy sees this map says that this map is weird, but Luffy says this every time when he seems something that he doesn’t understand, or maybe he is up to something?! Then we see an underwater panel and one fish is watching towards the sunny but you can see other fishes as well that are even closer to the sunny Could this map be a trap? or because this route is only known to Big Mom’s family, the sunny won’t be reported because they would think that this ship is from someone of the Big Mom’s family because they are the only ones that use this route While Nami is following the map, Luffy wants to cook again When this guy will ever learn anything, but the good thing is that Nami just became Sanji 2 Watching Luffy’s face in that moment I am not sure is that Fear of just confusion, why they don’t appreciate my food, it taste great

They pass the Jam Island and they are heading to Cheese Island It would be nice if they won’t stopped at any other islands on their way and just go to Whole Cake Island but they would probably run into some trouble, I don’t think this would be so easy And then we go to Whole Cake Island, and when I saw that text that says “This is bad! mama’s illness has reared its head again” I was like what?! another Yonko with an illness, but this was not the case here, which I am glad So basically Big Mom goes on a rampage destroying and killing everyone in her path

But what is causing all of this?! I don’t think this is just “Eating Disorder” It could be something more, What do you guys think? tell me in the comments I have an idea what her devil fruit is, I am going to make a theory about this It will be posted soon on the channel And about the last few pages of the chapter.

One Piece Katanas | One Piece Theory

Hello friends, let’s theorize about the mysteries around One Piece’s sabers I’ll give you my thought about the Black Swords we heard about via Mihawk, and the Cursed Swords like the Kitetsu

This theory will be split in two parts, one about the Cursed ones and the other about the Black ones, and I’ll talk about the Cursed Haki in both of them First, to understand the theory, we have to take for granted the fact that swords have a soul In japanese culture, important objects, like swords, can be worshiped, and considered having a soul Plus, in One Piece universe, swords (like FunkFreed) or canons actually ate a devil fruit The devil fruits effects being a curse in the user’s soul, I can tell objects have one without any doubts

And same thing with boats : we all remember the Going Merry had a soul, the Klabautermann Anyway, a lot of things make me think black swords, like Mihawk’s Kokutō Yoru, or Zoro’s Shūsui, are immersed by their blacksmith’s haki So, why the blacksmiths specifically ? Simply because Oda may have been inspired by the ultra popular myth of the legendary japanese blacksmith Muramasa, living in 16th century According to the legend, Muramasa was known as a violent person, and would have transmitted his hatred to the swords he created His sword’s mind, called Tsukomogami, were refusing to go back to their sheath as long as the swordsman hadn’t commited some crime Many slaughters, each one more sanguinary than the last are assigned to his swords and him

The fact that many swordsmen with one of Muramasa’s swords died in a tragic way is also interesting and important to notice In any case, knowing Oda uses the real world’s myths adjusted to his manga, it seems really consistent to me The Fifth One Piece movie, «The Cursed Holy Sword» already mentioned the cursed swords subject, as we can see it in the title In the movie, we meet Saga,one of Zoro’s old friend, corrupted and possessed by Shichiseiken, a sword with the Ō Wazamono rank Well, the movie wasn’t written by Oda (like some of the movies), so I can’t be sure it happens in the manga storyline, and the movie’s informations must be taken lightly, but I noticed a manga version is recently available, and on some websites the descriptions said «scripted and drawn by Eiichiro Oda», so I unfortunately don’t really know what I can think of it

However, to return to the movie, Shichiseiken is a blade cursed by 3 princes’s blood at its creation All the negative and devilish energy have been absorbed by the blade, since, it contains a demonic power, which can get a grip on its owner For exemple, in the movie, the blade merged with Saga, allowing him to cut things only with his hands As I said, even if it’s a movie, and it may have no links with the original storyline, I think the Cursed Swords have been created in a way more or less similar to in this movie The blades would be imbibed with the blacksmiths’s souls or haki, and this could have a right or wicked influence on the swords, and according to this influence, the impact on the blade’s owners will be more or less bad

One example : Wadō Ichimonji, the sword Zoro has inherited from Kuina Wadō Ichimonji’s meaning is «The road to Harmony», and has a positive influence on Zoro, reminding him his purpose to become the world’s greatest swordsman to honor Kuina’s memory So, even if we don’t know the sword’s origin, the blade is not possessed by wicked intentions, contrariwise, I would tend to say it highlights Zoro’s good sides Conversely, the Kitetsu (鬼徹), meaning «demonic achievement» (鬼 = Devil+ 貫徹 = achievement, implementation) are 3 swords, deemed accursed, and distributed in each Wazamono types Kitetsu is the blacksmith who made the 3 swords, and he’s a reference to Muramasa : When Ippon Matsu (Loguetown’s armorer) described the Kitetsu swords, he mentioned that all the Kitetsu’s holders endured an horrible death

Therefore, following this theory’s logic, Kitetsu was an important smith who instilled madness into his blades, as Muramasa in Japanese legends Here again, an interesting thing planted an idea in my head : Close to the Sandai Kitetsu, Zoro felt the curse emanating from this sword For me, it’s the proof that Sandai Kitetsu’s aura is nothing more than maleficient Haki If you’re not convinced by the Haki’s right or wrong sides, go and see chapter 680, where is the Vergo’s introduction in Punk Hazard Here, Sanji and Zoro feel an odd aura behind them, which is Vergo’s and his murder intentions

Actually, let’s stay in Punk Hazard for the Black Swords part Remember the incredible scene when Zoro were using Shūsui to cut Monet in two parts? In it, Tashigi comments that he did not use any Haki, but how could he cut the woman, knowing she uses a Logia ? Shūsui is a Black Sword, with purple shades, so I think the blade must have been partially made with Haki, which permitted Zoro to slice Monet without using it The example might be excessive, but it’s the way this theory is convincing me

Although we must keep in mind the fact the Black Swords are a fully-fledged category of blades As Zoro said when he seized Shūsui in Thriller Bark «If a dinosaur walks on it, the blade won’t move a millimeter The greatest quality of a Black Sword is its hardness, it is known

» Well here it’s easy but I have a riddle for you What’s black, and strenghens a weapon’s hardness ? Bingo ! It’s Haki, and precisely Armament Haki Speak of the devil, Zoro uses armament haki to take the advantage against Pica, filling his swords with Haki, making the weapons becoming all black At the end of the scene, we get a flashback where Zoro remembers Mihawk’s words, telling that to avoid every damages on the swords, Zoro has to control his Haki and put it in the blades I think there’s a thin line between the Armament Haki used to protect swords, and the original Black Blades, like Mihawk’s Kokutō Yoru or Zoro’s Shūsui

We will probably learn a lot about it in Wano, but I have a feeling the blacksmiths will not be indifferent to this Curse story, and to the Black Swords’s hardness Maybe you’re thinking that talking about smiths in this theory is silly, because they’re not important ? Mythic blacksmiths like Muramasa, or Masamune, had a high prestige, comparable to a Shogun (将軍 – litterally ‘military commander’) or a Daimyō (大名 – litteraly ‘Large’ + ‘Myō’ for ‘Myōden’, meaning private lands = Feudal rulers), which are two important military and politic titles in japanese history, between the Muromachi and Edo periods (12th to 19th centuries) Incidentally, Wa’s nation in One Piece, whose Kinemon and Momonosuke come from, is a clear reference to Japan history, between 1198 and 1868 Muramasa and Masamune lived in these nearly 700 years Anyway, I would really like this theory to gets the jobs done, I had a lot of ideas, I hope I have managed to explain it without you having too tangled, and hope I haven’t forget anything in my explanations I think to make a second version soon about others swords and swordsmen.

The Meaning of the One Piece Logo | One Piece Theory

It had been said that every picture tells a story, and every story can be captured into images. But would you believe, that a mere logo, conveys a message as well? In this short theory, we will discuss the meaning, hidden in the logo, of Eichiiro Oda’s new age epic.

One Piece The logo of One Piece, I believe, narrates the entire journey, and adventure of the Straw hat Pirates, from the very start, until the glorious end. Summarized in one, single image. Please observe, how the logo of One Piece is laid out. The letter “O” with the Jolly Roger, of the Straw hat Pirates signifies multiple things.

This symbolizes the beginning, of Monkey D Luffy’s journey, the sea that holds the 4 blues. North, South, East and West. In this case, is represented by the crossbones of the Jolly Roger. Of course, Luffy would not set out to the sea, without the straw hat, that he received from Shanks, the one that became his drive, to traverse the perils of the Grand Line. After entering the Reverse Mountain, which is represented by the Jolly Roger’s Skull, you will enter the first half of the Grand Line called, “Paradise”, which is represented by the letters: N, E and P. I would also like to say, that the skull of Jolly Roger, not only represents the Reverse Mountain obviously, it also symbolizes, Monkey D Luffy, or in another case, the Straw hat Pirates, with the skull biting into the, “Rope of Adventure”, until it reaches the end, which is connected to an anchor.

“Shanks” is a term for a part of an anchor or the anchor itself. The anchor also represents harbor, meaning to stay still, in one place, such as Shanks waiting for Luffy, at the end. The two blue horizontal bars, at the top and bottom, I believe are the representation of the Calm Belts and of course the Grand Line is separated by the Red Line, which as prophesized by Madam Sharley, was to be destroyed in the future, by Monkey D Luffy himself. The second half of the Grand Line, the New World is represented by, E, C, and E, which is the Anchor where Shanks awaits.

Now where does the search, for the final destination ends? I believe that the journey started in the Reverse Mountain, and it would end, in the Reverse Mountain, as everything would come full circle, and find the last island of the Grand Line, at the start. As a Pirate Treasure Map would indicate, the “X” marks the spot, and the Jolly Roger also indicates that “X” mark, The last island of the Grand Line, is inside Reverse Mountain “The Emerald City”, Raftel The entrance to Raftel, is in the Calm Belt, represented by the rope, going into the skull’s mouth. The nose of the skull represents the exit, which is at the center of the Reverse Mountain, in which they would have to be blown out, like being blown out, of a Whale’s blowhole.

The Strawhat’s journey, and their connection to Whales, will be discussed in another theory. Finally, the eyes of the Jolly Roger, represents the “Eyes”, that sees the truth, because the Rio Poneglyphs, the revelation of the True History, is located in Raftel. However, reaching the legendary, Emerald City, as the famous story it was based from, would not give Monkey D Luffy, what he was looking for One Piece, is not in Raftel.

Maybe its the reason, why the eyes, of Jolly Roger were hollow? The location of One Piece, and what is One Piece, will be discussed in a separate topic. Please note that I am making this theory, as preparation for the next following theories as this theory sets the stage, for the upcoming large-scale theories, which as follows: The adventures to acquire the title of the Pirate King, depicted in a single picture.

Admiral Ryokogyu: The Mercenary from Kano-Kuni | One Piece Theory

Among the highest ranks in the Marines, the Admirals boast the strength and ability to rival the best the Grand Line got to offer, however, after the events of the “War of the Best” at Marineford, inevitable changes happened in this powerful group. The events at Marineford resulted in a huge wave of change that saw the struggle between Admirals Akainu and Aokiji, this led to Akainu’s rise to become the Fleet Admiral and Aokiji’s departure from the Marines. The world government lost two admirals.

Back in Dressrosa, we had been introduced to the new Admiral, Issho, who had been given the name “Fujitora”, which directly translates as “Purple (Whisteria) Tiger” in Japanese language. It had been revealed in the same arc that along Fujitora, another person had been recruited, that goes by the name of, “Admiral Ryokogyu”, this name directly translates in Japanese as, “Green Cow”. In this theory, we will try to predict and speculate this mysterious man, using the clues and hints stated in the series, along with personal speculations, I believe that we can make a good prediction about the identity, ability and personality of the missing Admiral. The best way to determine the identity of Ryokogyu, is to observe the same characteristics that the other Admirals had with each other, I’m sure that most people are aware that the Admirals in “One Piece” are modeled, or directly inspired from prominent Japanese actors from 1960’s to 1980’s. Admiral Akainu was based from Bunta Sugawara, who was famous during 1970’s, mainly portraying Yakuza roles.

Admiral Aokiji was based off Yusaku Matsuda, who was famous for his detective and espionage roles, during 1980’s Admiral Kizaru is a direct inspiration from Kunie Tanaka, which is known for portraying police characters during 1970’s and Admiral Fujitora is modeled after actor, Shintaro Katsu for his role as the blind swordsman, “Zatoichi” which is at the height of its popularity during the 1960’s, also known as “Jidaigeki” films or “Period Dramas”. It’s also interesting to note that the models for these Admirals starred in same movies at some point of their careers. Bunta Sugawara and Kunie Tanaka, both played in 1970 movies: “Battles without Honor and Humanity”, “Cops versus Thugs” and “Street Mobster”. While Yusaku Matsuda and Kunie Tanaka both played in the movie “Murder in the Doll House” during the late 1970’s, Tanaka was also the narrator for the 1966 movie of Shintaro Katsu, “Zatoichi’s Pilgrimage”.

Observing the mentioned Admirals, we could assume that Admiral Ryokogyu, like the others would also be based off a famous Japanese actor around 1960’s to 1980’s while their character (personailty) is based off one of the actors’ famous role On Chapter 801, a shot of Admiral Green Bull’s appearance had been hinted, and although his face is still hidden a good view of his hair had been shown, judging by his hair and a pattern we took from the other Admirals, we could have at least a good speculation to determine the identity of Admiral Ryokogyu. While it was almost widely accepted in the theory community that the next admiral would be based off the Japanese actor, Toshiro Mifune, the hinted hair of Ryokogyu doesn’t fall remotely close to Toshiro Mifune’s hair, not to mention that Toshiro Mifune was famous for his roles, as a Samurai, which would throw the character of Admira Fujitora awkwardly, since Fujitora was also based off a Samurai. So I believe Admiral Ryokogyu would be based off the famous Martial Arts actor.

Shi’nichi Chiba, widely known as “Sonny” Chiba, he is the actor who popularized Martial Arts movies, along with the legendary actor Bruce Lee during the 1970’s up to 1980’s. He also starred in Yakuza movies along with Bunta Sugawara (and Kunie Tanaka) in the movie, “Battles without Honor and Humanity” during 1970’s. Note that all actors who were the inspirations for the Admirals all played in a movie that involves “Yakuza”. Chiba also played “Samurai” roles for “Jidaegeki” films portraying Jubei Yagyu and the Ninja legend, Hanzo Hattori He also co-starred with Yusaku Matsuda in the movie, “Black Rain”.

One of the most famous role Sonny Chiba played, was in a movie called “Street Fighter” as “Takuma Tsurugi”, a mercenary-for-hire. He doesn’t care about moralities and mercy; rambunctious, reckless and cocky, this character is always about “getting the job done”. This character is also the direct inspiration for a video game, fighting character called “Mister Karate”, Takuma Sakazuki, a fact I am bringing up since it shows that Sonny Chiba got a distinct face; another trait that all the Admirals seem to got. I would speculate that Admiral Ryokogyu would have a similar personality as the character Sonny Chiba played in “Street Fighter”.

I believe that Admiral Ryokogyu’s personality is very reckless and wild, hence, his epithet as a “Raging Bull” While the names of the Admirals are a reference to a Japanese folklore, “The Legend of Momotaro”, the name of animals given to these characters also reflects their personalities. Like a Bull, Admiral Ryokogyu would have two entirely different personalities: at one point, he would be timid and patient, then, all of a sudden, as soon as he sees his “target”, he would make a complete turnaround and destroy everything in his path, I believe that this personality perfectly fits Admiral Ryokogyu’s ability: AT LEAST, what I believe his ability will be Admiral Ryokogyu ate the “Paramecia Devil Fruit”: “Jikan-Jikan no Mi” or the “Time Fruit” Admiral Ryokogyu can control “Time”.

Like his personality, his Devil Fruit ability is a double-edged-sword, depending on his personality, that his Devil Fruit ability can act as a liability, or a dangerous weapon. Oda-san, the brilliant author of the series, got a habit of giving ridiculous personalities (quirks) that acts as weakness to his characters, as an example is Kanjuuro, having the ability to turn his drawings into life but at the same time, him having no talent for drawing Or Aokiji, being too lazy to make a move. Imagine someone like Admiral Ryokogyu having the ability to stop time but becomes impatient when everything stops around him. While Silver Fox Foxy got the ability to slow time down, I believe that Ryokogyu will have full control over “Time” in a certain amount of seconds, in a certain area: this includes backtracking (rewinding), forwarding and stopping time or event for few seconds.

With Admiral Fujitora having the ability to control “Gravity” and Admiral Kizaru being able to control “Light”, the most logical conclusion to Admiral Ryokogyu’s ability is for it to follow the theme of “General Relativity”, which is “Time”. Also comparing this to the abilities to the prior group of Admirals, who shared the theme of “Worldly Elements”, we should also note that the abilities of the Admirals seems to contradict and cancel each other: Ice freezes Lava, Lava devours Light, and Light melts Ice. The same applies to the new abilities of Admirals if Ryokogyu’s ability would be “Time” Gravity bends Light, Light flows with Time, and Time is unstoppable by Gravity. It’s also important to note that the abilities of all the Admirals are connected to their color theme and this is another evidence to assume that Admiral Ryokogyu would have the ability of “Time”, because”Green” is associated with Time Portals, Time Control and Time Travels, the last thing that we need to speculate is “How Ryokogyu fights?”.

If we are basing their fighting style to the most famous role of the actor they were based on, then Admiral Ryokogyu, probably is, a vicious, and powerful master Karate expert, just like Admiral Fujitora using a “Shikomizue”, popularly known as a “(Concealed) Cane Sword” for being modeled after Zatoichi, then Admiral Ryokogyu being modeled after, Sonny Chiba’s character, Takuma Tsurugi, would not only be an expert in the area of martial arts but will also use weapons, such as a three-pronged baton, known as “Sai”, and utilizing of throwing knives; imagine him throwing knives and controlling time. It’s possible as well that Ryokogyu is a former, Bounty Hunter, before being drafted as an Admiral on the “Global Military Draft” along with Fujitora, a speculation on my part since “Bounty Hunter” (in One Piece Universe) is a loose reference to a “Mercenary”(Vigilante) which is the character of Chiba in “Street Fighter”.

Speaking about the Military Draft that enabled the World Government to recruit 2 new Admirals, it is being widely speculated that Admiral Fujitora came from Wano-Kuni since he is a Samurai. On that same regard, I would have to assume that Admiral Ryokogyu is a recruit from Kano-Kuni, since I believe that Ryokogyu is a Martial Arts expert, I believe that Oda-san knows Sonny Chiba very well, since he loves the movies made by Quentin Tarantino and Chiba played as (the retired version of) Hanzo Hattori in the film “Kill Bill”. He would surely be a force to reckon with, the moment he appears in the series. This ends our theory and speculations about Admiral Ryokogyu

The Secret of the Nefertari Family

One Piece Chapter 823 revolved around the upcoming meeting, among the members of the World Government’s Royal Families: The “Reverie”, at the Holy Kingdom of Marjoies. Among the families that is going to attend this important meeting, is the Royal Family of Alabasta, the Nefertaris.

A family that is also one of the 20 families that defeated the Ancient Kingdom during the Void Century; A group we know these days as, the Tenryuubitos, or, the Celestial Dragons. The Nefertaris are one of the 2 known Royal Families, that is not residing atop the Red Line at Marijoies, like the Donquixote Family. Although, unlike the Donquixote Family, the Nefertaris refused to live in Marijoies, ever since the times of the Void Century. In this theory, we will try to uncover the secret of the Nefertari Family, and the Poneglyphs, that is in their domain for centuries. Why would a family, who took down the Ancient Kingdom, possess one of their Poneglyph? What did the King of Nefertari did, to acquire that Poneglyph? During this chapter, it was shown, how Nefertari Cobra was looking for an answer, from the World Government itself about the history of the Nefertaris during the Void Century, and its connection to the Poneglyphs, after encountering Nico Robin, the last scholar of Ohara.

Back in One Piece Chapter 202, while Nico Robin was going to the Poneglyphs’ location, along with Nefertari Cobra, a certain scene will show that Nico Robin’s demeanor had changed, as soon as Cobra mentioned that the, “Alabasta Kingdom protected the “True History”. It would be safe to assume that Cobra knows what’s written in the Poneglyphs, but I would say that we can also conclude that he never knew about the history, of why the Poneglyphs was even there in Alabasta. What caused Nico Robin’s change in behaviour, at the mention of Alabasta protecting the Poneglyphs? It’s because Nico Robin already deciphered several Poneglyphs before that, and among those Poneglyphs, Robin probably knows what happened to some parts of history. It is confirmed that the Poneglyphs in Alabasta details the location of one of the Ancient Weapons, Pluton and its understandable, that people would think that Pluton is also located in Alabasta, But in my opinion, Pluton is actually somewhere else.

Simply said, the Nefertari Family never really owned the Poneglyphs that is in their possession. Adding that, to the Nefertari Family being one of the 20 Kingdoms, that brought down the Ancient Kingdom, and Nico Robin’s change in behaviour, i have come to a conclusion. The Nefertari Family stole the Poneglyphs from its original location, during the Void Century, and they refused to reside in Marijoies in order to keep the Poneglyphs for themselves, and find Pluton for themselves, in futility. As for the location of Pluton, I will explain everything in detail in a separate theory, but I will leave you with this: There used to be, 2 Plutons in existence, one is the Pluton that can be built from start, which the blueprint, was burned by Franky. The final existing Pluton, is an actual ship, hidden somewhere in the New World, an island that the Straw hat Pirates would visit soon.

The Land of Giant Warriors, Elbaf. This is the secret of The Nefertari family, lost in time but the crime, passed down through generations.

Big Mom’s Devil Fruit Revealed – One Piece Chapter 835 Review

If you are thinking, what sort of excuses he has now for this review being late? Well, a brand new one, it seems Because a posted a new video on Wednesday, I didn’t think it will be a good idea to post two videos in two days

This is why I decided to post this review on Friday If you think I am wrong here, let me know in the comments, I really appreciate your feedback Watching the cover page where the theme is Ice and Penguins made me think about Aokiji, where he is now and what he’s doing Since he is in an alliance with Blackbeard maybe we will see him when Oda will explain what happened in Baltigo By the way, before the cover page, there are some other pages and one that caught my attention was the page with the footballer Shinji Kagawa

So it seems like someone asked him to make a formation with the characters from the One Piece It made me laugh when I saw that he did put Nami and Robin in Holding Midfielder position The Irony What they are holding? Shinji? I used to like him when he was playing for Dortmund for the first time, and then he joined Manchester United, and he died for some odd reasons, maybe the reason was because he walked alone Liverpool

But now he is back from the dead at Dortmund after his miserable spell at United, and since I know now that he likes One Piece I’m starting to like him again If you don’t know much about football and this did not make any sense to you, Sorry for that Anyway, back to the Chapter now: Oda did reveal some important stuff in this chapter When we learned what is Big Mom’s dream, a lot of people start thinking that maybe she is good, maybe she will team up or help the Straw Hats in some way But I never bought this idea in the first place, that Big Mom wants to create a country where all people from all races are treated equally, I knew that there is more to this

I made a theory a while back where I say that people who live in Totland are like the animals in the Zoo The owner keeps them for business purposes and the people who go to watch them, they go for entertaining reasons The same thing is here in Totland Big Mom keeps them so she can use them as a power source for her devil fruit But if you are saying “wait, those black creatures that are part of Big Mom’s soul they are giving people a choice Leave or Life

If they are unhappy with all of this, they can leave, right? Yeah, they can leave just like Jinbe was allowed to leave So they are between two choices, try to leave and get killed immediately or stay and get killed slowly And you can see that children are not excluded from this, they have to give part of their life span too If you want to watch this theory the link will be in the description or in the comments And then we go to the seducing woods, where Luffy is trying to figure things out

So he did manage to find Nami the real one this time Did you notice when the real Nami is standing very close to the fake Nami and you can see the fake Sanji and it looks like he is going crazy when he’s seeing the real Nami just like the real Sanji So, Oda could not resist even when it is a fake Sanji, he has to go crazy when Nami is around And then in that panel when Luffy asks Nami, so you guys didn’t multiply just for fun This is Oda’s answer to me saying on the previous review that Oda needs to establish a limit to Luffy’s stupidity

And he’s answer is NOPE, Luffy gonna continue to reach brand new heights of stupidity And then we get to see what happened to Nami and the rest in a flashback because showing us what is going on in a real time it is too mainstream nowadays So that weapon that Usopp gave to Nami is the reason why she could escape One thing that is really interesting to me is that Carrot is fearless just like Luffy She didn’t hesitation even for a second before charging at Brulee, but unfortunately for Carrot, her devil fruit “mira mira no mi” is very tricky to fight against

I was surprised that this devil fruit can create a dimension where you can imprison people Brulee tells them that she is here on Big Mom’s order in my previous review I said that this could be the case But now the question is, is Pudding part of this plan also, I think she is not, I did go more into details in my previous review so I don’t want to repeat the same stuff But if Pudding was in this plan she could have told Tamago that: hey I have to go to meet up with the Straw Hats, but the fact that she didn’t say anything to him this tells you that she is not part of Big Mom’s plan If you have a different theory let me know in the comments

And then Brulee gives the order to the Homies to attack the Straw Hats, when I saw the word Homies I thought maybe this is a mistranslation When Masashi Kishimoto was in America he said that he doesn’t speak English maybe is the same for Oda as well, now I am wondering does he know what this word mean, maybe the person who is advising him for these English names is giving the wrong information to him And Chopper stays behind in order to stop the Homies to buy some time for Nami to be able to escape And Nami reminds herself and all those people who did underestimate the Yonkos and their crews, how powerful they are compared to others in the grand line Based on what Brulee said we can assume that Chopper is going to be alright

So Big Mom is also collecting beasts Now, here something to think about, I am not saying this could happen but let’s just say that Big Mom would end up killing Chopper because he doesn’t want to be her pet What do you think the Straw Hats would do to Big Mom? it would be interesting if Luffy would kill Big Mom, just punching her to death Again, I am not saying this could happen I just saying this would be very interesting because this arc then would be personal and not just one more adventure Let me know what do you think in the comments

Anyway, Luffy and Nami are interrogating that big guy stuck in the ground, it was interesting to see that he could tell that Luffy is strong and Nami is not, is he able to know trough Haki? And then he starts to give them information about Totland or Totto Land, in the beginning, it was Totland but in this chapter is translated Totto Land I don’t know which one if correct, I guess we will have to wait for the anime to know for sure In this chapter, Oda revealed what is Big Mom’s devil fruit, which it wasn’t that much of a surprise because we knew that all these weird things that are happening in Totland are her doings We also learn that she has the power to create these creatures that are from her own soul and they are the ones who collect people’s life span Which in a way is similar to Moriah’s own shadow, and in order not to confuse these two, that’s why Oda did add this part when the big guy says:”Just to be clear, the souls cannot enter a corpse or the body or somebody else”

Which is the opposite of Moria, he can put shadows into corpses and people who are alive We also got a confirmation about how did the Straw Hats see Sanji so this is one of Brulee’s power We also learn what’s the deal with Big Mom having all those husbands, so basically she just uses them to get pregnant and then she doesn’t care about them Which is the opposite of what Pudding told us, she said we are all a happy family, but based on what this guy said they don’t live together And it doesn’t seem like these children care about their father, I wonder why, maybe there is something more to it

And on the last page, Oda did introduce another of Big Mom’s children Cracker, one of the three sweet commanders, minister of biscuit Maybe in the final part of this arc, we will see all of Big Mom’s children fighting alongside her against the Straw Hats and their new alliance Maybe Oda will make this arc kind of similar to MarineFord, instead of Ace being in handcuffs Sanji will be in handcuffs and waiting to be rescued But since Oda said that this year will be Sanji’s year they need to rescue Sanji in the begging of this battle and the most important part will be how they will escape from Whole Cake Island, which by the way there is only one way and that is by defeating Big Mom

Because if they can take Sanji and escape unharmed from Totland this would look bad on the Yonkos because based on what Oda has told us so far about them, they are at the top of everything in the new world If the next chapter will continue where this chapter ended than the next chapter will be a good one because we will see Luffy in action I know that Luffy said I am here to talk with Big Mom, but based on what Brulee said I don’t think Big Mom wants to talk at all, which is what you would expect from a Yonko If Luffy will fight Cracker it will be very interesting to see the difference in power but not just between Luffy and Cracker but in general We know that Jack is strong enough to fight against Inuarashi and Nekomamushi without a break for days

So, let’s see how strong is Big Mom’s crew Let me know in the comments what did you think about this chapter, what caught your attention, what do you think about Big Mom’s devil fruit powers?

The Last Road Poneglyph – One Piece Theory

Big topic, new theory: Where is the lost Poneglyph? Or I can say, who has it? The road poneglyphs with a strange way, follow a myth, the four Chinese symbols: Dragon, Tiger, Turtle and Phoenix. There is an opinion, that with studying these mythological creatures, one is able to learn about the scientific advances of the ancient Chinese, and their belief system, and the way they perceived and explained the world they lived.

That is a big resemble Ancient Kingdom from One Piece, considering that they had something more, that World Government want to hide, and maybe it’s not only their philosophy but possible their science or even their technology. For learn about the Ancient Kingdom, is necessary to go at Raftel, and for going there is necessary to decoding the four road Poneglyphs, like in the myth the four beasts Now, the three of the knowns Poneglyphs are fitting to these creatures The first road Poneglyph, we have seen, that located on Zou has to do with the Phoenix The symbol of Kouzuki clan is very similar to Vermillion Bird.

Also, the name of phoenix in Chinese is known as Zhu Que The “zhu” has a similar pronounce with Zou island, the place where this poneglyph is. After is the road Poneglyph of Big Mom. It follows the turtle. First is that the Chinese name of the creature is Zhi Ming.

“Ming” could be a reference with Mink in One Piece story But what we have in Big Mom’s crew? We have a Mink who has eaten a devil fruit who makes him a turtle Plus, this mythical beast has a connection with North And we see that Big Mom and her arc are important for the North Blue, so Big Mom has the two features of the turtle Chinese beast, and her poneglyph so The third known road is that Kaido has.

And we can relate it with the Dragon creature, the Azure Dragon Seems this is obvious, but if you think that Kaido is the enemy of Wano country, and Wano has a story with fighting dragons, like the Ryuuma legend or what Kinemon said about dragons, there is a good connection It doesn’t matter really if Kaido has the dragon devil fruit or not, or he could have a crew member with that fruit, but his position opposite Wano and his appearance give the Dragon beast hint The last road poneglyph, the one who is known as the lost, is that resembles Tiger Tiger has been drawn many times in covers or somehow in the story.

But there is one who’s holding the message of the last poneglyph! The Legend of the Sacred Burning Beast of Baldimore, that is connected with a blazing tiger At Karakuri island, Franky caused this incident and gave the rumor of this legend The mythological tiger creature has the element metal and it was held to be the God of War.

I should remind Franky has the theme of metal and he is a creator of warships, he is like a war god But the point is not at Frankyit’s for where Franky caused this incident.

It was the birthplace of Vegapunk With the indirectly way we know that Vegapunk hides the road Poneglyph. It makes more sense than you think because seems that Roger didn’t own any Poneglyph, he just “stole” them with his ability Or he made allies for take them. It’s very important for World Government to having a trump card like this, and if someone by their side would have it, this could be Vegapunk

Why haven’t they problem with the existence of Poneglyphs, but with the ability to understand them? Because, they have one important piece of the world, and they can play a role in the road of finding Raftel After, we know that Luffy will meet Vegapunk, and because he follows Roger’s journey, Roger might have met Vegapunk and took or stole something important from him and this was road Poneglyph Now, what will be Vegapunk? An ally or a foe? We will see Thank you much for watching Rate and Share this theory.

Shanks vs Kaido – One Piece Theory

The war in Marineford was one of the highlights of the entire manga, One Piece. The outcome of this battle has profoundly shocked the world either on the side pirates with the death of Whitebeard, the strongest man of the world, eg Yonkou, ace captain his second fleet or Marine’s resignation, Sengoku and promoting Akainu as chief admiral.

All of these we inform the world of One Piece universe is not fixed but is instead very unstable. Just one or more significant dead to upset the order established, which explains the meteoric rise of Black Beard. The post Yonkou know that even if this battle is now behind us, it did, however, introduced a clash that is still a mystery to us: Shanks vs Kaido Shanks.

Kaido vs Shanks, a great mystery, a priori A battle which we heard at Marineford but that is totally today went by the wayside. Now, we all know that this is not trivial. We are not talking of a vulgar vulgar engeulade between two pirates but a meeting and confrontation between two of the most powerful pirates of his world.

The big question is “what has it really happened? Why this confrontation is totally gone by the wayside and everyone in beats peanuts? “That’s what we’ll try to answer now ! Well first, gather all the information that we have: We know that the arrest of Portgas D Ace, the former commander of the Second Fleet. White Beard created the biggest hell that we have known so far that was the Battle of Marineford. During the battle, two forces opposed : Marine and Whitebeard Pirates. We knew that at the time, Whitebeard was sick and in going to Marineford he knew he would return in not alive. For its part, the navy, it has mobilized all its military forces Shichibukai and admirals to withstand the onslaught and defeat Whitebeard.

But finally, as you know Whitebeard will die and his death marks the end of an era, an era where already reigned the Yonkou but especially the era or Gol D Roger became the pirate king to make way for a new there. This change of era is crucial to understand one thing: that Kaido have desired move directly on to face Marineford. Whitebeard and navy that it wanted to die but mostly disappear with dignity the strongest man in the world during an epic battle. Therefore, it is logical to say that if Kaido decided to get under way to Marineford, it is obvious that it was not going to go alone but, instead, There was accompanied by his entire fleet.

But ultimately, it will fail to reach Marineford because we learn that someone has managed to stop the Emperor on time and that person is Shanks. Well, if shanks stopped Kaido, it is clear that the crews of both were Yonkou faced but oddly upon the arrival of Shanks on Marineford, he and his crew did not seem to have fought, they were literally undermined as ever spitz and boutin. At this point, either we make as sure and it starts to not think and say silly Shanks is hottest, it is too strong, the strongest. All Yonkou, stronger Goku or you ask yourself and you if you analysis and analysis well you understand things live two capitals: • the first is that Shanks is not the kind of hothead who fights if there is not a good reason, on the contrary, it is even more the type peaceful, proof of fuchsia when a thief broke a bottle of alcohol on the head, which is a huge lack of respect, me you make me that I fucks you, Shanks laughed him Upon arrival at Marineford, he quit the war in wanting to avoid another massacre This means that Shanks is not someone beast or impulsive and that going to meet one of Kaido had a plan

This leads us to the last point is clear to him, clear and precise and that point is: Shanks did not face Kaido Clearly it’s like that, not looking beyond that is logical because if two Yonkou fight, there must be collateral damage and we would have heard that an island would gone where there would be dead as we learned during the fall of Baltigo In addition, Kaido is immortal and I can not see Shanks, even if it is extra strong, fight and face an immortal, it would make the strongest man of the manga and only not true Fight with the most powerful and immortal creature of One Piece and after reach Marineford in “there’s nothing guys, I’m too hot” No it’s not possible! The question now is “how he did it? How he stopped Kaido if he does not fight? “and believe me this is where it gets interesting • Should I remind you where we ? One is in One Piece, a manga pirates and hackers is not for children choir, some certainly do not act as such, ie, they do not plunder, not or do not give steal “the collision” but all crews in One Piece have common: they love feasting, partying and drinking above

Alcohol has a very important place in One Piece • Indeed, whether ceremony sake for sealing a sibling relationship, or both where Gol D Roger shared his last drink with Rayleigh or the day he wanted to reveal the truth the D and Raftel Whitebeard All these important moments of One Piece have link alcohol This powerful nectar that can make the shyest or most joyful fierce gentle as lambs, it is ironic huh • But wait a minute

a character in One Piece does not support alcohol and that person is not er Kaido by chance! Yes yes it can be touched by the different states that provide alcohol: alcohol can indeed make merry as sad as angry etc This information is revealed in Chapter 824

• So Kaido does not take alcohol, it’s funny that for a Yonkou Anyway, finally we not advance Kaido masses is very sensitive to alcohol and then yes yes but wait which character is strongly linked to alcohol in One Piece? Yes it’s Shanks! Well yes, remember when meeting Mihawks and Shanks or that of Ace Shanks or Whitebeard and Shanks finally

A common thread binds all these meetings and this point is alcohol Shanks love feast drink so suddenly and responsive to Kaido alcohol • It is more than obvious that Shanks was to come to Marineford to stop the war from the beginning Manage Navy and White Beard promised to be a losing task because forces were too high but most manage Kaido was unthinkable here why he stopped Kaido offering to drink sake as in the heyday because Kaido was already there in time Roger and they necessarily the clash So he knows well Shanks

And even Shanks of play everything on it is tell propose sake Kaido hoping that is softened with alcohol and can not try to go to Marineford And he necessarily say the crucial thing to accept this thing and it was as if he went to Marineford he would die no matter what but nevertheless there was a person who, later, will be able to end his days in an epic battle and that person he talked about is the person for whom Shanks sacrificed his right arm and bet on the future and the new generation that person was Luffy • • Kaido knows the combat Shanks value as the White Beard also knew and the fact that he lost an arm to this famous person has allowed to Kaido agreeing to wait a little longer that person come to him Moreover, as Whitebeard Shanks sees it when Kaido must surely recall memories of Roger Kaido and as you know Roger left many scars to Whitebeard in battle: the strongest man of the world he probably also hurt the the most powerful creature in the world where the scar Kaido that has on the abdomen would be the one that Roger was the only one to impose Yes we knows that Kaido is immortal and yet this one has a single scar abdomen, this means that only one person was able to touch and to the serious bodily injury and that person is necessarily the former Pirate King

Effectively it would give the stamp and the importance to the character of Gol D Roger was still the ruler of the pirates, the strongest man of all that is on Seas whether pirates, sea, mermen or sea king Furthermore, inevitably it was stronger than the strongest man in the world so Whitebeard, and the strongest creature in the world is Kaido And the fact that it is the former crew member Roger, who at the time inherited his straw hat and so his will, make a request of this sort was necessarily touched and soothed so it does not go into battle at Marineford Well anyway, it was not without Consequently because Kaido is not the kind of person with whom it is easy to negotiate, so it is clear that it does not go to Marineford another condition of be made and this condition is Shanks of life, if it does not Luffy and his word that fails to kill Kaido Shanks die it’s that simple than that, you do not stop a Yonkou and its entire fleet without consequences

here why as he bet his arm that Luffy has again but this bet both his own life In short ultimately Shanks and Kaido does not fight, but Shanks played on his luck and alcohol to soften Kaido so it does not go to Marineford But, this confrontation is not inconsequential because Shanks has bet his life on Luffy, because he thinks it will be the only one who finds a way to defeat Kaido Well, this is the end of the video, do not hesitate to drop a big blue thumb If you enjoyed, it is important for the chain, do not hesitate to activate the bell to be notified as soon as I leave a video to not miss anything !

Brook’s True Power | Awakening Elbaf – One Piece Theory

Brook’s awakening will have full development at the elbaf arc, but what is his true power? And why at elbaf? Let’s begin with the hints from Whole Cake island Big mom and her soul devil fruit.

There is an obvious connection between brook’s df and that of big mom’s During his fight with Big Mom’s soldiers, we saw him working with his Devil Fruit power Let’s go deeper: Big Mom’s dream is related to “gigantism”, and she has a back story with Elbaf because of Lola. The entire arc has many foreshadows for the future arc of Elbaf. You can keep it as the hint 1 about why elbaf.

After, let’s give a look to Elbaf’s warrior quote, Dorry said about Elbaf’s rule: “the god of elbaf decides which one would live and one would die”. This is a secret place like in the moment of death, the god of elbaf can be “there”. Not only it has the description of “shinigami”, but it has an indirect link about brook’s situation: a dead who continues to live. Take it as the hint 2. Now, let’s make the big prediction about Elbaf’s land: It will be a certain island that relates with “dead”. Oda-sensei has already drawn an island related to “dead”.

Also, this kind of island has been mentioned in the past. It was mentioned by Brook himself, so it has a big sense for him and his development. It’s logical to say: even if this kind of island does exist, we can’t be sure that is elbaf. True, but don’t forget the previous hints and that “deaths” are important in every straw hat’s story, so it must be a very important arc.

So, it could be a speculation at least Or it would be used in Elbaf theory because seems that Elbaf keeps some keys Like the secrets of Big Mom’s arc, because Big Mom can give life and can take life, her arc is based on fairytales. At other hands, Elbaf is related to Vikings mythology, and the dead land or Valhalla is very important to them. Also, a fable is related to the fairytale, even so, it has some unique features.

If Elbaf is connected with the theme of death, what is brook’s real power and how this will lead to awakening? Brook has been starting his awakening, but he hasn’t realized it yet. He searched for the true power of Yomi Yomi no mi and this power related with his musician ability. One of the best composers all of the time left this quote: “Music is indeed the mediator between the spiritual and sensual life” by Ludwig van Beethoven. Sensual could be a relative thing with Brook’s pervert character, but it would be connected with the “fleshly world” too.

If music is the “mediator” between the “two” worlds, so Brook’s true power is connected to the world of spirits with the world of humans. But, how does it work? We have seen this scene during the Whole Cake arc, and we understand that Brook’s awakening is to revive the souls, so without even touching them, he returned the parts of souls from soldiers to the owners. But, before, we have seen a part of Brook’s awakening. In the end of Punk Hazard, Brook saved Kinemon without knowing. With the effect of Shinokuni, the petrified Kinemon considered as “dead”.

But, Brook carried him and touch him, and very after his shell began to crack, Brook thought he killed Kinemon, but this was explained after with “if the petrification shell is broken open within half a day of the initial infection, then the victims can still be saved” Even if seems that Brook broke the shell by mistake, actually he used his awakening abilities, to revive Kinemon’s powers or a part of his lifespan, so he was able to break the shell on his own. Now, Brook’s awakening is to “revive” things. Reviving souls, seems to be confirmed, but what about reviving other things? Like a broken sword or a life force? If his music can reach the soul and lead her to come back, like a tool of awakening, what if he can return to life an army of giants? With a little parallelism with Usopp, this could be possible.

In DressRosa, God Usopp saved the people who became toys and made the most of them his followers. Also, he had an army of dwarfs. DressRosa shares some foreshadow for Elbaf, so Brook, as the Soul King, which can think him as the God of the underworld, he will save Elbaf giants, and he will have his own army of giants But about reviving objects, it should be for something important, like a Zoro’s broken sword, or a weapon who can’t be activated anymore, etc. For life force, I would say, he will revive someone who will be near to death, maybe Luffy, maybe other crewmate or another ally, but we will see this at the end of series

Summarizing, Brook’s awakening works with his musician abilities, and it’s about reviving Reviving 3 things: soul, objects, and lifespan. We will see more awakening development during Elbaf arc, like the dead island, and he will get his followers. Thank you! Rate and share this theory!