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Mihawk’s Links with Wano and Kouzuki Oden | One Piece Theory

Time for theory! It’s a very fresh theory, and it has connections from very very old arcs, but this is the mastership of Oda.

The theory is actually, how Mihawk is related with Wano and moreover with Kouzuki clan. We know we will see him soon and probably, during Wano arc. It hasn’t to do only with his swordsmanship or his drawing as a child, but with the most important thing anymore: Poneglyphs. Let’s use the “Through looking glass theory”, is a very good tool and it will prove why this is a possible scenario. Firstly, let’s take a look at why Mihawk might have a storyline paralleled with Robin’s.

It’s the very similar debut for these two. Early in the series we have this similarity, and we know that Oda is a master for foreshadowing, and he can reveal things after hundred chapters. But this is weird too early. Mihawk’s debut in chapter 49, Robin’s debut in chapter 114.

Both of them appeared on the “boat “. Ok, Robin is up to the turtle, but even Mihawk hasn’t a regular boat but a coffin. Both of them are in a place surrounding with debris. The next point is that they had already “destroyed” ships. Robin for fake 8 ships.

Even if this was a lie, it followed her for a big time. Mihawk had destroyed 50 ships of Don Krieg, and it was for real. I don’t know if you get it, but the “rumor” of destroying ships follow those two, real or not. Well, before the time skip, we had the arc about Robin and her unique role for reading poneglyphs, but in the new world, we have only learned about the ability to create Poneglyphs. This ability was only in the Kouzuki clan, and it stopped with Oden’s death.

The strange is that this ability is revealed and seems that none have it, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if someone has this unique ability. The theory is why this person is Mihawk. Outside of his parallelism with Robin, the last one who can read them, is his possible past with Wano and Oden. Oden before sailed with Roger as a pirate, lived at Wano Kuni. He could have a pupil, and this one could be Mihawk.

Mihawk has a sword named Yoru, and Yoru means “night”, and Kouzuki means “moonlight”. Moonlight appears clearly during the night. After is the land of Kouzuki clan, Kuri Kuri means “priests’ quarters”. It’s a very detail but Mihawk has a symbol of a priest, his cross.

Those are two strong links between Mihawk and Oden Mihawk, as a kid seems, has a samurai appearance and he is hurt by his training, and we know in Wano. There are the samurai and strong swordsmen, so it’s possible for him to have origins from this country. But why Mihawk was trained by Oden? The above hints tell us this could be true, but Mihawk isn’t a Kouzuki member, so why Oden taught him how to create poneglyphs? We know that in every country that someone is an evil king or leader, and Shogun is like that, there is a kind king who was tricked by the evil King. It’s like Dressrosa with Doflamingo and Riku, it’s like Fishman Island with Neptune and Hody Jones. The previous Shogun of this country was tricked by the current and he lost his throne.

This Shogun was a friend with Oden, and he trusted him with a member of his family, Mihawk Mihawk has the bracelet of nobles, and this makes him a possible member of an important family, so he could be the son of the previous Shogun or another member of this family, but his connections are strong. Oden took him under his protection and taught him, but this is a secret because Mihawk hasn’t used this ability yet, you can see in Marineford he couldn’t cut diamond and Poneglyph is strong like a diamond. It’s not that he can’t, but he didn’t use the special technique because he should cover his ability. Now, during Wano, Mihawk will come back for avenging his family and he will cooperate with Straw Hats.

Then we will have his backstory and it will reveal his ability to create Poneglyphs. This must be a half part of his past because when he left Wano and became Shichibukai is another theory. Rate this theory Share it and comment.

One Piece Chapter 854 Review | One Piece Theory

On the cover page we see Zoro on a bike with Chopper, at first I was thinking this looks pretty cool And then I remembered about who we are talking here, and now I am worried, this could be the last time we see Zoro.

He will probably get lost and wander to the ends of the world But hey there is a chance that he may find One Piece Anyway, on the first page, we see Nami and Jinbe trying to get away but it seems like Big Mom has too many men One thing that made me laugh are the flowers on the third panel I wonder what was Oda’s line of thinking, I assume maybe it was something like this: Ok, Lets draw Jinbe as an angry beast that you don’t want to mess with and Nami is worried and covered with wounds.

Ok, great, my job here is done, but wait, this panel looks incomplete, what it needs are these flowers, now, looks perfect The amount of work and details that goes into these panels is incredible and considering that you have limited time is even more so ???Anyway, Jinbe and Nami agreed that Jinbe will take care the guys in front while Nami will take care the guys behind them And Nami does just that, but to her surprise, she sees that Chopper is among them as well Well, this is what you get Chopper when you try to sneak up behind a woman.

He spent a couple of minutes with Carrot and now he thinks he is an expert, you have a long way to go my friend But the good thing here is that now he knows what happened if you mess with Nami Luffy, Sanji, and Zoro will welcome him to the club now And now Nami and Jinbe are inside the mirror world as well and they are heading to find the rest But even if they will manage to get everyone inside the mirror world, this doesn’t mean that they will be able to escape.

Because the mirror world is set up only in Whole Cake Island, and this island is surrounded by 34 islands, but this might give them a head start But as I have said this before that I don’t think that Luffy and Sanji would want to run without settling things here The mirror world I think will be very important in the arc down the line ???For example, the whole army of Germa can use this mirror world to go immediately from the Germa island to the place where the wedding is being held The other thing that we did learn here is what did happen to Jinbe.

So the newspaper was not lying, he did back away, but not because he was scared but he knew that playing that roulette will end up in his death Brulee said something very interesting: “Little invaders all that come are welcome and all that leave die”.

Okay, but how come that Kid did leave alive from here? Is there something more to this that we don’t know? Because this is weird, Kid lost to a Yonko and what does he want to do next, he wants to attack another Yonko? Anyway, and then we go to Big Mom In the previous chapter, we saw that Big Mom was unharmed and Brook was not able to land a single blow on her But he did cause damage to her spirits, and Big Mom says that: “This is the first time you three have ever been injured isn’t it?” Whether this is the case or not, this is quite impressive from Brook, too bad that Oda did not show us this So, he is not hiding just Big Mom’s powers but Brook’s powers as well I said in the previous chapter that Big Mom is acting like a little girl towards Brook and this chapter just proves this when she says: “I am gonna hold onto and walk around with him”.

And based on this conversation between Big Mom and Pudding we can understand that she is just evil That small hope that existed that perhaps she is good, it’s gone now Which is a shame because I like her as a character But I am surprised that Big Mom wants to kill Sanji as well, usually, the husbands of her daughters will be part of her crew It looks like Big Mom has planned every detail on what is going to happen during the wedding, at least that’s what she thinks.

She said that the Vinsmokes will be barehanded, well, Sanji doesn’t use weapons and it doesn’t look like his siblings use weapons too, so they are not barehanded But the most important thing here is that they always wear those battle suits and since they can fly, they can dodge the bullets easily But here’s the thing, we still don’t know if this wedding will happen, and if that’s the case I will be really disappointed Because the main conversation about this arc was the wedding, people talking all the time, and preparation being made and all that And now I really want to see this wedding, probably Luffy and the rest will join this fight when Sanji will give them the signal and maybe we will see three sides or more fighting each other.

Which sounds great And then we see Reiju looking towards Luffy while he goes to the place that he said he will be Reiju is still undressed, I am afraid that she will catch a cold Wait, is she doing this on purpose, so she would be sick and not go to the wedding and escape all that danger Smart, childish but very smart.

I am just joking by the way So, Sanji did prepare their favorite food without realizing But when he says that every Germa soldier will die as will I I was very surprised I didn’t think that Sanji will accept death so easily, at that moment I though is there any hope for this guy? And I click onto the next page and behold the old Sanji reappeared, that one that we know The one that will solve his problems by kicking people on their face.

Welcome back Sanji It has been a long time Finally, he did manage to wake up from this nightmare, so the key was the food, after all, he is a cook And now the real battle begins, I cannot wait for the next chapter, good thing that there isn’t going to be a break next week Anyway, what do you guys think about this chapter? And what do you think Sanji and Luffy will do now? Will they try to get away from here, or try to save the Vinsmoke Family. Let me know in the comments.

One Piece Chapter 853 Review | One Piece Theory

So, everything is all right Humans are strange creatures: Kill one, and you are a criminal Kill one million, and you are a hero If you are new on this channel and you are thinking why I am advocating murder? Well, I am not I am just trying to get people’s full attention! While I was saying those things did anyone was thinking about anything else?

On the first page, we see that the battle between Big Mom and Brook is over! Wait, this is the first page of the chapter? If so, then how come the battle is over?! This must be a mistake this is probably the page 5 or 6, so where are these other pages in which this fight took place The build up and the hype for this fight was great: Soul King vs Soul Queen The young lady Ohhh, now I get it, this is Oda’s specialty, skipping the fights I know why Oda does this because he wants to reveal Big Mom’s power against a real opponent and not Brook and I get that.

But stop teasing us This is like going to a restaurant, and when you want to order food, the waiter tells you: “Hey what are you doing? Just because we are a restaurant this does not mean that we serve food” But anyway, as we expected Brook lost and it looks like he wasn’t able to land even a single blow to Big Mom, she looks unharmed About her character, Oda does keep impressing me, I did not think her character would have so many layers If you look at the second panel on the first page based on the way this panel is drawn, Big Mom looks like a five-year-old girl who is playing with her toy.

She is so nice to Brook even though he tried to steal from her something very important that could ruin her plans for the future But yet she could be so cruel that even her people fear her Big Mom is an example of what a great written character looks like So, Zeus, Prometheus, and Napoleon are not like homies because as Big Mom says they are my clones, I have given them my soul directly This is very interesting if they are part of her soul then how come they took these forms.

One is a hat, one is a cloud and one is like a sun At the beginning I though that she inserted a soul into her hat and she did the same with a random cloud in the sky And because of that, the Hat and the Cloud are now a living thing and they answer to Big Mom But what about Prometheus? How he came to be? My guess, for now is, the forms that they have are created by Big Mom using her devil fruit and maybe Haki and that’s why Zeus and Prometheus can affect the weather, and Napoleon knows what is going on in Whole Cake Island because of observation Haki If you want to know more about how can Haki affect the weather then watch this video titled Nami’s Powers.

I will put the link in the description Anyway, Big Mom said something very interesting about Roger: “He used some strange power that involved hearing “the voice of all things” or something to read that damn thing” Does this mean that the poneglyphs can talk?! Rayleigh did mention this but he was very vague about it, so, when he said no Roger could not read them he meant he did not understand the language and not because he was unable to read what the ponegyph says So, there is more than one way to read the poneglyphs, as we did learn in this chapter So, Pudding’s third eye is not just a regular eye but has a unique power that if awakened she can read the poneglyphs as well.

But she does not have this power yet because she is half breed and it’s possible that she may never have But here’s the thing why Big Mom is not using Pudding’s father to read the poneglyph? She has really big trust issues And then we go to Tamago and Pedro where they are fighting I don’t know if this should be called a battle, this is more like a massacre Pedro is cutting him in half like it’s nothing, I thought the battle was going to be more evenly matched.

But no, Pedro is putting up a great show and the best part was when the people around him were saying: If he evolves to this next level you will be nothing more than a dust at his feet And what does Pedro do? This is one of the best things I have every seen in manga and Pedro says; “I don’t feel like waiting around” “So, I will just finish him off now” The only thing that was missing here is if Pedro would have said: When you fight a real warrior you fight with everything you got or go home, no one will give you time so you can change your forms.

The troll level from Pedro was over 9000 By the way, where did Pedro get those dynamites, that explosion was huge If they will use these dynamites in Wano War they could cause a big damage So, Chopper and Carrot did find Pedro and now he is with them They could do the same for the rest as well, and this way maybe they could escape but it’s more likely that Luffy and Sanji won’t leave without settling things here.

Carrot can do many things but I did not know that she can draw so well Her style might be weird but Nami looks great this way So, right now they are going after Nami and Jinbe And then we go to Reiju and Luffy While I was looking these pages, I start to wonder about what climate the Whole Cake Island has and the answer is hot, very hot, beyond hot.

The way these pages are drawn, the angles, the close-ups, Sanji must be very proud of Oda Oh, wait that’s his sister? But does Sanji have limits? What do you guys think? Anyway, the good thing about this conversation between Luffy and Reiju is that she told him why Sanji was doing all this, and this would speed up the process of awakening the sleeping princess, I mean prince, the sleeping prince Sanji And Sanji will start burning again because right now he is cold as ice One other way to get him hot is show him Reiju Oh that’s his sister, I forgot, so, it will not work But will it, though?! One thing that I really like in this conversation is when she offers him food and Luffy says no, which by the way this could mean that the end of the world is near And she did remember that Luffy said that “I will only eat food you make” Things got emotional here for me.

The guy who insulted him beat him, and he is still doing all this for him, this shows why he has so many friends And on the last page, we see Sanji thinking about everything that did happen so far And he says: “There’s no going back now, Luffy” I don’t think he is thinking that there’s no way for him to get back with the crew again as before But I think is about them taking a stand, otherwise, they will end up dead Everything Sanji did so far is asking for favors from his enemies like a beggar, he thought if he would sacrificed himself the people that he care would be fine.

But he did realize that this is not the case and it’s time to take matters into his own hands It would be great to see if his goes to his father and says to him: “I am not doing what you are asking And when Judge says but Zeff will be killed And Sanji says: if you touch him what do you think will happen to you I am a cook and I have a friend who is very hunger, do you want to end up on a plate? Anyway, what do you guys think about this chapter? Let me know in the comments.

One Piece Chapter 852 Review | One Piece Theory

Before I start this review I just want to thank all of you for the positive feedback on my previous video Usually when you try something new people are not happy and you see comments saying “I did not subscribe for this”.

But since you guys liked that video from now on I will try to make more of that type of videos besides the reviews and theories, of course If you want me to make a video on a certain topic then let me know in the comments I welcome all of your suggestions Anyway, on the first page, we see that Reiju is in the infirmary and she is ok, well physically but not mentally She has this very depressing look on her face, it’s like she staring into the abyss.

And I don’t like this, in the previous review, I told you who is my second favorite character in this arc Try to guess who is my number? If you thought Reiju then you are correct Reiju is one of the best characters in One Piece, she is classy, sophisticated, powerful, smart, kind, and she killed a lot of people So, what more do you want? Isn’t she great? If you disagree, then let me know in the comments who is your favorite character in this arc Anyway, Sanji enters the room and she starts telling him what did happen to her but she could not remember because Pudding erased her memory.

But she said something that could be important, the last thing that she did remember is soldiers screaming about an invader The logical answer here would be that the soldiers are talking about one of the Straw Hats or Pedro But what if this invader is someone else, a third player, that knows what Big Mom is planning for the wedding And he is trying to warn the Vinsmokes so they could be prepared and this way both parties would engage in a huge battle and no one would come out of this unscathed And this would be beneficial for this third player.

Maybe this is the reason why Pudding shot Reiju It could be that Pudding was after this third player who wanted to make contact with Reiju and Pudding was aiming for him and Reiju was just a collateral damage Because up to this point there is no reason for Pudding to attack Reiju because then the Vinsmokes can figure out their plan Anyway, things are hot in Prisoner’s Library, if you thought Nami was not hot before you probably did change your mind now, since she is on fire, and you cannot get hotter than that Usually, fire burns your clothes but in Nami’s case, the fire did produce new clothes.

Which by the way this fire has better taste in fashion than Nami, she looks great in that dress, I hope she did learn something So the key to getting out was fire, I don’t know if Jinbe is very smart or Luffy is very dumb?! If Luffy would have used Red Hawk against Mont Dor his ability is useless Try to imagine this guy going against Sabo, his natural enemy Jinbe said to Luffy that the first time we met was in Impel Down where Luffy freed him, now the situation is reversed, Jinbe freed Luffy, which is great But one thing that is still not clear is that what happened between Jinbe and Big Mom? Did Jinbe back away from his request on leaving Big Mom’s crew because he was afraid of the consequences? which by the way I think is highly unlikely.

Jinbe could be anything but a coward? Hell No He did refuse the World Government to fight against Whitebeard and then he joined the battle to fight against them I just hope he did not lose part of his lifespan Jinbe says to Nami that the first thing we should do is hide, so Jinbe’s plan is to hide for the moment until things are calm down and then try to escape This plan is good and simple and it could be effective but he forgot one thing “LUFFY” who is the complete opposite of this plan.

With all the chaos that he is causing it seems like Sanji and Luffy will meet each other very soon And then we go back to the infirmary where Reiju and Sanji are still talking She said that this could be the end of Germa and she wants this to happen because as she said: “this world doesn’t need them” Could this be the end of Germa? No, I don’t think so, there are a lot of reasons to believe that they will have a part to play in the main story I talked about this in my other videos.

In one of my theories, I say that even if Big Mom gets hold of the Clone Army she would not be able to use them because they are programmed to answer only to a specific person In this chapter, Reiju says that: “I have been modified such that I cannot disobey father’s orders” So, it seems like my theory is correct if Judge modified his children to not disobey him then for sure he did the same thing with his Clone Army In this chapter, we did learn why Sanji’s mother was sick A while back I did make a theory in my head about this but because of the lack of time, I could not post it because making these videos takes a lot of time.

So, I decided to tell you this theory now because is relevant to this chapter: When we did learn that Sanji’s mother was sick and that is the reason why she died I was wondering what did cause her sickness And I thought that because of the modifications that are performed on her children maybe there were side effects on her And this is the reason why she died and Judge knew that this would happen but he did not care In this chapter, we did learn that in a way Judge was responsible for her death, Reiju said that:”She was forced to undergo the surgery” And that’s why she took that drug in order to stop the effect of the modifications.

And in this theory, I said that when Sanji will learn that his father is the reason why his mother died This would be the moment when Sanji will consider Judge as his enemy and try to revenge his mother Because up to this point, the only thing that Sanji is saying is that you are not my family and I just want to get out of here and I don’t want to see you guys ever again He doesn’t have bad feelings for them and he doesn’t blame them for his hell that he went through But when he will learn about his mother’s death I thought that he will explode and try to take them down, the way they deserve.

But in this chapter, Sanji is acting in the same way as he did throughout this arc, it doesn’t look like he is blaming his father for his mother’s death And to make things even weirder is what Reiju was saying to Sanji She said that the handcuffs are fake, they are not going to explode and she even says to him:”Any other excuses for why you refuse to leave the island?” Get it together, Sanji At this point, I don’t know what needs to happen for Sanji to do something? Maybe if the planet would split in half maybe then Sanji would do something Or this is not the real Sanji he is just a clone.

Anyway, one other thing that is very important of what Reiju said is when she said:”Big Mom will dangle that floating restaurant over your head just as an excuse to kill your father and your brothers” Sanji told Reiju that Pudding said that Big Mom wants to kill all 6 of the Vinsmokes But Reiju is saying that Big Mom will keep you alive and kill your family I have a theory where I say that Big Mom wants to eliminate the Royal family of Germa and make Sanji the King of Germa If Reiju is right then this theory is also proven correct.

Anyway, What do you think about this chapter?! Let me know in the comments.

One Piece Chapter 851 Review | One Piece Theory

The reason why this review is late is because I did not expect this chapter to come out this week Anyway, on the first page, we see that Pudding is still continuing her special show

She is great I really like her, I know that most of you hate her for what she is doing to Sanji and the Straw Hats and I hate her too for that But if you look her as a character she is great, Oda did a great job The fact that people are still talking whether she is good or not, this shows what a great character she is Oda deserves a lot of praise for this, at the moment she is my second favorite character in this arc The reason why I said at the beginning she is doing a show is because some things do not add up

First of all, let me clear this up, based on what is going on recently, everything points at her being evil But there is some other stuff that makes me doubt her So, she is the one who shot Reiju on her legs, but why? what is the point of all?! Pudding can erase Reiju’s memory but what good this would do when she is covered with wounds Reiju will know that someone attacked her and her family will know that something is not right because whoever did attack Reiju they could attack them as well And because of this they might not go to the wedding but if they go they will go armed and ready to fight

And Pudding should have known this she is not stupid The other thing that was weird to me is when Pudding says tomorrow all the 6 Vinsmokes will be killed! Why is she saying 6? she could say the Vinsmokes? are there other Vinsmokes in the Whole Cake Island? This could because of what Sanji said that they are not my family, they are the ones who beat me like this and they are threatening people that I care It does look like she is trying to convince Reiju that Sanji will die too, and when Reiju is not saying anything Pudding says to her: Why aren’t you saying anything? He is your little brother, for heaven’s sake” Why does Pudding care if Reiju cares for Sanji or not? This was not the only time that she did this, on page 5, in the last panel just look the way Pudding is looking at Reiju! When Pudding says:”I can’t wait for tomorrow I can already imagine the priceless transition of Sanji’s expression from faithful joy to pure despair as I point my gun to his head” As if she is testing Reiju to see how does she react The possibility for this to happen is very very small but it could that Pudding is doing this to help Sanji

If the Vinsmokes will find out about Big Mom’s plan they would probably start to fight her with everything they have While the both parties are busy fighting each other maybe Sanji could escape from the Whole Cake Island If not then she is not sane because who in the right mind would say to someone that hey when you die make sure not to ruin the cake because Big Mom will get angry Why would a dead person care who will be angry?! If anyone got the right to be angry is the person who just died, you know because she just got killed! Anyway, this is my take on this weird situation What is yours? Let me know in the comments

About Sanji, I think he has come to a point when what will happen in the next chapters will make him or break him Anything less than legendary will not be enough Maybe this is the reason why Oda did put him in such misery in order for his victories to be even more special in the end The worst part was when he started to cry, we know that he loves women but to cry like this, this was unexpected But what if Sanji is not crying for Pudding what if he is crying for some other reasons

Because we don’t know what he is thinking at this moment So, what if Sanji is crying because he is saying this to himself: Sorry Zeff, but I have to break your golden rule, tomorrow I will cut that bitch down just like I cut my ingredients What do you guys think does this sound better, I really hope so that this is the case otherwise, goodbye Sanji And then we go the Treasure room where a Young Lady is fighting a Skeleton! For someone, that tells a lot of unfunny jokes, Brook does know how to be legendary when time comes For a second my brain froze when I read that, He is saying this to a Yonko

Brook, you have my respect, you are facing death but you still have time to make jokes We all know that at the end Luffy will become Pirate King and his crew will become stronger as well, worthy of being part of the Pirate King’s Crew I really appreciate how Oda doesn’t take us for granted when it comes to believing that this crew is going to be the best one in the New World When I see moments like this, it is very easy to believe this Brook is up against a Yonko and he is still determined to complete his mission

The same was with Zoro, he attacked Doflamingo and then Fujitora without hesitating for a second Anyway, it seems like Brook is having a hard time against Big Mom as you would expect, but I am disappointed that we only saw them talk and not fight I hope we will get to see more about this fight And then we go to Luffy and Nami, Luffy is still not using his mouth or haki to get rid of that nail So he is hell bent of tearing his hands you can see blood coming out and this must be extremely painful and what does Nami say: your blood is freaking me out?! Really Nami what about his pain?! Don’t be so heartless

And then Opera says to Nami that Big Mom said to make you tell me where Lola is I said this before in my other review but how come Big Mom cannot find out where Lola is? She is not hiding and Lola thinks that she and Big mom are in good terms with each other What happened to the Power of the Yonko that Pekoms was bragging about They did manage to find the people that Sanji cares about so what’s the problem with Lola Anyway, Luffy said in the previous chapter that we should not expect for someone to magically appear but it seems like Luffy was wrong

I was expecting for Sanji to come, but no, Jinbe was the one who saves the day and Luffy’s hands I am happy to see that Jinbe is ok but I hope he did not lose part of his lifespan And just like he appear magically I hope he has a magical plan on how to get out of here because right now things are not looking good for them Big mom and her army would not stay idle and let them leave Maybe Jinbe knows some underwater hidden passage and that is how they will escape

Anyway, What do you think about this Chapter? Let me know in the comments.

Pudding’s True Nature Revealed | One Piece Chapter 850 Review

Cliffhangers are never enjoyable for the readers but if the reward is like this, then it is worth it 100% So, Odachi, do more cliffhangers, please do more, please?! This is great, I really like this chapter, this is one of my favorite chapters in One Piece, I am not talking about story-wise but from the writer’s perspective.

One of you guys asked me in the comments, do you think that Pudding is one of the commanders and she is acting all this time as being weak And I responding to this comment by saying I like this kind of characters that have double personality but Oda doesn’t use this style at least not for now The closest thing that we have about this is Blackbeard So, I am very happy that Oda did this, my respect for him went even higher A lot of you were saying that Pudding is evil, but I did not think so because there were no actual hints toward her being evil.

The things that convince me that she is not evil is when she was in that store with Tamago and she says to him I have to go because she did plan to meet with the Straw Hats but Tamago was saying to her no stay here because Big Mom said to choose a dress I thought if she is tricking them she could just tell him that she is tricking the Straw Hats and this would be a good news for Big Mom And besides Tamago cannot order her, if she wanted to leave she could do so, and I thought the reason why she is not doing this is not to get unwanted attention The other thing was when Praline says to Aladdin in Fishman Island that as long they are together she doesn’t care about Big Mom So, I thought that Big Mom’s children don’t care about her that much, so this is why Pudding is helping the Straw Hats.

But no, this was not the case here But all these things make sense now because she said that only her family members know about her true nature This reveal is great but also raises a lot of questions First of all, what’s up with Pudding’s third eye? Is this a unique power to her or it is a devil fruit power? Is this the reason why she has double personality? Or her father is part of a clan that all have a third eye and this is normal The other thing is that why Reiju is in her room? The last time we Reiju she was walking slowly in a hall.

Oda is going back and forth on the timeline so things are not clear here, maybe she did escape from Pudding’s room by fighting her or Sanji did help her Because when we saw in the hall she was injured all over her body even on her face, but here she is injured only on her legs So, this could mean that something else did happen there And one other thing that is not clear is that who did attack Reiju? Based on this chapter the logical answer is Pudding But why she would do this? Because this could ruin their plan to kill the Vinsmoke Family on the day of the wedding

And they will not go to the wedding because they know something is up and they will try to find Reiju But one thing that is very interesting to me is Reiju’s reactions when she is listening to Pudding I don’t think she is scared I think she is worried about Sanji She did help Sanji to escape his hell but the way things turn out they brought the hell to him again At the beginning of the arc, she said to Sanji that now with this marriage you will have everything, money, servants and Pudding does look like a really nice girl

But this future that she thought her little brother will have is all gone now And by the way, my theory about this alliance between Big Mom and Germa is proven correct in this chapter This is just one of my predictions in that theory and I think other predictions will come true soon If you want to watch this theory the link will be in the description When I saw the title of the chapter “Ray of Hope” I thought maybe something good will happen

I did not think that Oda is being sarcastic! So, Sanji lost the last ray of hope that he had But you know what they say when you reach the bottom there is only one way out from there and that is UP I really hope that Sanji will erupt like a volcano and start burning everything and everyone in his way Pedro’s words go nicely with Sanji’s situation: It is always darkest before the dawn The Dawn of Sanji And then we go to Luffy and Nami, did you notice that both of their names are written on the page of the book and some other stuff as well, maybe more information about them

So, since Luffy did find out the truth, he is doing everything he can to get out of there even if he loses a hand or two, he doesn’t care But here’s an idea man: why don’t you try to get rid of the nail with your mouth, this seems more effective and easy But based on what the guard said it seems like there is no way for them to get out of there Usually using Haki is enough to negate the powers of the devil fruit but maybe in the case, there is something more to it And on the next page, Luffy continues to talk to Nami and the things that he says on this panel are so great that for a moment I forgot that this is Luffy

This shows how determined he is to achieve his goals, his will is so strong, and he always relies on himself And this explains why his King’s Haki is so strong But on the next panel, the normal Luffy appears when he says to Nami in the most casual way: Come on Nami rip your hands too This is very funny scene And then we go to Pedro and Tamago, the fight has begun

Oda reveals their bounties, I was surprised how high Pedro’s bounty is because based on what he said he was not a real pirate he went out in search for the Poneglyhphs Does this mean that the World Government knew about this and that’s why his bounty is so high Anyway, so, this fight is so intense that the other members of the Big Mom Pirates are staying out of this and they are just watching In the previous chapter, I was impressed with Carrot’s fighting abilities but Pedro does look like he is on another level, he is like an unstoppable force and that’s why those other members of the Big Mom Pirates look worried And Pedro’s electricity has no effect on Tamago because this guy took that defeat so close to his heart that somehow create a suit to negate Pedro’s electricity

But the most interesting thing here is that Pedro does keep mentioning the Dawn of the World, he said this for the first time on Zou Island Why is he so sure about this? what does he know that we don’t? Because he is not saying like the Pirate World will change, for example, if Luffy becomes the Pirate King but he is saying the whole world And then Pedro after he is done with his speech counties on being legendary and cuts Tamago in half! Is Tamago now going to pull off a Cracker?! By the way, Tamago means egg in English And we also did learn about what happened to him the previous time that he was here So Big Mom uses her roulette for everyone, and I was looking at the roulette and I did not see there a smaller number than 100

So, either way, Zepo will get 100 or more than that, and Pedro paid with his eye as well I thought that this injured was caused by Tamago but no, this means that Pedro is stronger Chopper and Carrot are looking for the others maybe they would be the ones who will save Luffy and Nami Maybe Luffy was wrong and someone will appear magically in front of them and save them Anyway, what do you guys think about this chapter? Let me know in the comments.

Pell’s Survival: Plot Hole or Foreshadowing?

What’s up guys I’m strejt from Manga Detectives and today I’ve got for you discussion/theory video about Pell’s survival and whether or not it’s a plot hole or foreshadowing by Oda And also I wanna discuss what we might see from his character in the near future

So first of all let me remind who Pell is Pell is the strongest warrior in Alabasta kingdom Who has one of the only 5 identified devil fruit types which gives the user the ability to fly Tori Tori no Mi Model: Falcon When someone talks about plot holes in One Piece they usually mention these 3: First one: Shanks loosing his arm which is something Oda didn’t wanna do but was kind of forced to it by his editor to make the scene more impactful Then the second one is: “Nakama power up” in Enies Lobby between Rob Lucci and Luffy And finally the third one is: Pell surviving the explosion in Alabasta Until like a year ago I actually agreed that this was a plot hole but ever since chapter 785 I changed my mind In that chapter if you guys don’t remember Doflamingo mentions something called Devil Fruit Awakening

Which is something we as the readers actually knew about for more than 200 chapters but we simply didn’t knew it was something important so we didn’t pay attention to it Doflamingo mentiones that it happens very rarely and for Paramecia users it actually affects not only the user’s body but actually the things around them Which is different from what we know about Zoan types from Crocodile that their Awakening affects only their body at least from what we know now As you can see Crocodile says that their greatest strenghts are their toughness and recovery speed and also we can see and this is very important that those Zoan guards don’t even have to be conscious for Awakening to work So even though they are knocked out they get revived or recover

Now let’s get back to Pell and his devil fruit His devil fruit is model Falcon and as you guys might know falcon is very fast bird Infact Peregrine falcon is the fastest animal on Earth with the highest recorded speed of 389 km/h (242 miles/h) which is pretty damn fast Speed is actually one of the two reasons I think why or how he survived that explosion When we were shown the panel as you guys can see with that huge explosion or shockwave we could actually see Pell falling down or diving (unsure)

Of course he wasn’t fast enough to outfly the shockwave and actually got caught in it for sure but it helped mitigate the damage he would otherwise get if he was closer to the bomb itself or the explosion And the second reason he survived is Awakening Which recovered him or revived him even though he was unconscious just like those guards in Impel Down And I think that his powers of perhaps his Awakening might come into play again in the near future since as we could see in chapter 823 he went with Vivi and Cobra to the Reverie We know that Cobra intends to ask here about Poneglyphs and the past which is something he shouldn’t do and will put him in grave danger

We don’t know if there is a specific trigger for Awakening or if each person has its own but if there is one for Pell I think that it will be probably desperation or trying to protect someone However I don’t think that he will be successful this time and I think that the king of Alabasta kingdom Nefertari Cobra will be asssassinated at the Reverie because of the questions he wants to ask of the World Government about Poneglyphs.

Sanji and Killer are Siblings? – One Piece Theory

During the past events from this current story and the upcoming Whole Cake Island Arc, the hidden past of Sanji had surfaced which resulted into the reveal of Sanji being a member of the Vinsmoke Family, who runs an assassin group called Germa 66. But before we discuss these group of assasins, let us first observe and try to predict another important aspect of Sanji’s backstory.

It was revealed that Sanji had 2 other brothers, are that’s what most of us had assumed, since Sanji was said to be the 3rd son of the Vinsmoke Family, back when Capone handed over the Wedding Invitation, to him, from Big Mom. This revelation resulted in a lot of theories about Sanji’s brothers: one of them, in which I fully support is Sanji’s brother being the Vice-Captain of the Kidd Pirates “The Massacre Soldier” Killer. Before moving forward, I would like to recognize the following people who are the first ones to bring up the idea about Killer and Sanji possibly being related and Sanji’s shady lineage.

Speak123 from, who was the first one to theorize about Sanji’s possible lineage on October 21st, 2014. Polobear Alexander from Orojacksoncom, who first theorized Killer possibly being Sanji’s brother back in May 21st, 2015.

And fellow videomaker, FlyingPandaTV, who theorized about Sanji having 2 other brothers, back in October 17th, 2015.I will put the links to their profiles and theories, please check them out and subscribe to their channels. Moving on, let’s review the theory about Killer, being the older brother of Sanji. At first glance, the obvious similarities between Sanji and Killer, are their blonde hair and in Japanese Culture, the use of Blonde Hair on an anime character, means many things, but the most common trait, is that it signifies “royalty” or “foreign descent”.

Another interesting information we need to observe is how Sanji and Killer’s birthday, seem to fall both into their supposedly, real names and number references. We all know that Sanji’s character seems to revolve around the number 3, not only does his name means 3 o clock, but his birthday also falls on March 2nd, the second day of the third month (San – 3, Ji – 2). While Killer’s birthday, interestingly falls on February 2nd, the 2nd day of the 2nd Month (Ni-2, Ji -2). The theory community are predicting Killer’s real name is Niji, which means “2 o clock” as he is, apparently, the 2nd son of the Vinsmoke Family. Which is actually completely possible since Oda-San confirmed that he just named Killer on a whim, it’s not farfetched to think that Oda named Killer as such because he would change his name later.

Or maybe he really just named Killer as, Killer for no other reaso.n But here is where the fun of making theories lies, so we’re going to assume that he is just named Killer by whim because he is not going to use that name for that character for too long. It would also be fascinating to speculate the reason behind Killer’s mask, I personally believe that it’s because like Sanji, Killer is also hiding his face that would give away his identity as a Vinsmoke. I believe the situation of Killer might have been foreshadowed in Chapter 491, in which seemingly, a joke introduction of “Iron Mask” Duval. Behind his mask is someone who looks like Sanji, or at least, Sanji’s wanted poster.

This time though, I believe the one who is behind Killer’s mask, actually is related to Sanji because obviously, as theorized, Killer and Sanji are brothers. Killer might also be based from a French legend about a man who was imprisoned and forced to wear an iron mask until the day of his death, a legend known as the “Man in the Iron Mask”. Alexandre Dumas, a French writer and author of the Three Musketeers, which we would tackle later on, included his own version of the story of the “Man in the Iron Mask” by stating that the prisoner who was forced to wear an iron mask, was a man who was a threat to the current king. The “Man in the Iron Mask” was imprisoned because he is the identical twin of King Louis the XIV of France, the Sun King.

We might make an assumption that King Louis the XIV, is represented by Sanji, which is a fair assumption since there are theories floating around that Sanji, is a royalty But that’s only because we accepted the assumption that Sanji only had 2 other brothers in the Vinsmoke Family. What if the Vinsmoke Family had more members than Sanji’s and his 2 brothers? Germa 66 is a name that is inspired from a card game, which is called “Schnapsen” in German language, literally translates to Sixty-six. This card game involves marriage of the Queen and King, and tricking hands, in order to win. I would explain this thoroughly in my upcoming theory about the Whole Cake Island Arc.

I believe that Germa 66 is a Mafia Organization, which is why the Vinsmoke Family was named after different things found in a Gambling House: Wine and Cigarettes, shile Gambling Houses are place known to be controlled by a Mafia Group, not to mention that Germa double 6 might be an inspiration from a group created by Quentin Tarantino’s movie, “Kill Bill”: The Crazy 88, a group controlled by a Mafia Organization. Now, going back to the assumption that Germa 66 is based off a card game, it’s not farfetched to think that the Sanji had more than 2 brothers.

Sanji, as I said earlier, literally means “3 o clock”, and his brothers might be named Ichiji and Niji, which translates to “2 o clock” and “1 o clock”. The reason i’m bringing this up, is because there’s also a card game called, “Clock Patience” A game that literally plays like a 12 hour clock and the game would be over, once the king is revealed, which I believe is the head of the Vinsmoke Family. As I said, Killer might be based off the “Three Musketeers” version of the “Man in the Iron Mask”, so then what is Killer hiding behind his mask? Who is the King Louis the XIV of Killer? I believe that Killer is hiding the fact that he looks like a certain King from North Blue, another one, their Vinsmoke relative or brother, which is this guy.

Let’s just refer to him as the King Louis the XIV, the Sun King of Killer, his identical twin. This could be the reason why Killer was known to be from South Blue, because he might have escaped his original home of North Blue to escape this man. I believe its a fair assumption since Sanji grew up in East Blue, even though he came from North Blue. Now, since the theory about Sanji and Killer being Vinsmokes had been theorized many times, let’s try and theorize the other brother of Sanji which is being referred by the One Piece Community as, Ichiji, meaning, “1 o clock”.

Unlike Killer, this person that I’m theorizing as Sanji’s other brother, would seem kind of ridiculous, but hear me out. First of all, and probably a shallow reason, is that he almost looked like Sanji, if he is to become a human. These reasons may amount to nothing, but I believe that from the way he likes to go into higher places, hide, and sneak up on other people, is a hint being given that he is trained to be an assassin. There also should have an deeper meaning behind him, volunteering to go to Whole Cake Island, aside from him just paying Luffy’s back for the Strawhat Pirates saving their country. Yes, as you guessed it by now, I believe the other brother of Vinsmoke Sanji is, the Minkman, Pedro of the Treetops.

Although, now that I brought up Pedro as a ridiculous brother for Sanji, its obvious as well that I believe that Pedro is not a real Minkman. I cannot exactly guess what happened to Pedro, but I would assume that he ate a Devil’s fruit or a SMILE Artificial Fruit. Moving on, remember when I said earlier that Killer is based off the “Man in the Iron Mask’s” version of the “Three Musketeers” by Alexandre Dumas? In that novel, the author is implying that the “Fifth Musketeer” is actually, the “Man in the Iron Mask” which in this theory is Killer And so I believe the Fourth Musketeer is Pedro.

The Fourth Musketeer in the novel, is an apprentice of the three older Musketeers, although, I believe that in this reference, it was changed around and thus the Fourth Musketeer, was instead, became the oldest of the 5. Pedro seemingly having a feud with the 3 Musketeers of Duke Inuarashi, I believe is a hint on the Fourth Musketeer reference on the Jaguar Minkmen, although instead of joining with the 3 Musketeers like in the novel of Dumas, Pedro, as we see, refuses to work with the 3 Musketeers of Zou. Does this mean 2 more Vinsmoke brothers would be introduced to complete the Five Musketeers? who knows, but its an interesting idea. To finish this theory, I will again bring up the assumption that Germa double 6 is based off the card game, Sixty-six. That group, Germa 66, is ran by the Vinsmoke Family, whose Sanji is a member of.

Sanji’s name means “3 o clock” and there is a card game called “Clock Patience”, so I would assume that the Vinsmoke Family, would have a theme of the Clock Card game. So what made me think that Killer and Pedro were the 2 other brothers of Sanji? It’s because Killer and Pedro’s names, as you guessed it: are also taken from card games of the same name. The point i’m trying to make is that, Pedro and Killer, having card game names, I believe is a clue that their real name is actually connected to the Vinsmoke Family, who is based off the card game, Clock Patience, An interesting concept A game of chance.

Sanji, and his gamble with the Vinsmoke Family.

The Last Two Nakama: Their Powers and Roles

Hi guys, basically this will be my formal presentation for my last two nakama theory that I alluded to in my “How to Pick the Next Nakama” Discussion I’d also like to say, thanks to everyone for all the support Like, Share, Comment and Subscribe If this is the first video you’re seeing from me, check out the rest of the videos on my channel and let’s just get in to it Now, by the title you can already tell, I believe there are only going to be two more nakama All those reasons are presented in the “How to Pick the Next Nakama Discussion” video, so I won’t get into those here

What I will say iswhat I will be dealing with in this theory is, what those two positions will be and also what powers they might have

and also when they might be introduced into the story So firstly, the two positions are gonna be a Helmsman and a Coating Mechanic

This was inspired mainly by Beck’s Raftel Theory where he talks about under Reverse Mountain possibly being the location for Raftel I think this is best Raftel Theory And

I really took inspiration from that to make this theory and I tried to find two roles that would assist the crew on that final journey to Raftel under the assumption that it is under Reverse Mountain, and the first one that came to mind was a Helmsman now, in Blackbeard’s crew, we were introduced to the first and only named Helmsman in the entire series in Jesus Burgess and I think it’s significant that Blackbeard, a pirate of 20 years experience, in his crew, got a helmsman, within the first five that really shows that a helmsman is important in the New World, maybe it wasn’t as important in Paradise, but it seems like it would be more important when you’re getting near Raftel

Because Raftel is an island that only one crew in history has ever reached and you want the best of every position there, to lead you on that path to Raftel It just makes the most sense to have the best in every position so that’s why I believe that Helmsman is a very important position to be filled in the crewand the next position is the coating mechanic because if Raftel is Under Reverse Mountain it makes sense that you would have a coating mechanic in the crew, and a coating mechanic would be able to coat the ship at a moment’s notice, so that we could submerge, and get to underwater territories now this does have more uses than just getting to Raftel, if Raftel is under the Reverse Mountain It does give us a tactical advantage We would be able to do like Whitebeard can coat our ship and travel underwater We could sneak up on the marines just like Whitebeard did So a Coating Mechanic and a Helmsman, I think those are the two main positions, that would be needed to reach Raftel

at this point in the series, I can’t see anything else that would be needed so again if you watched my “How to Choose the Next Nakama” Discussion, I mentioned that there is a pattern that revealed itself in the crew such that their roles tend to influence their fighting styles quite a bit And Oda has always gone out of his way to make sure that if they don’t have it when they join, they develop it later down, as they travel with the crew, but everyone now, currently, has a fighting style that matches their role With a few exceptions, those being Robin, whose role is not Pirate crew related and Luffy, who is the captain and main protagonist but everyone else matches so I believe this pattern actually does matter as far as lesser roles are concerned in the crew and for a helmsman then, the role would have to match his skill set and a helmsman would be an expert at reading Ocean currents, at piloting a ship at knowing how to move a vessel through the ocean water with the LEAST path of resistance, wherever possible That would be ideal

So I believe that a helmsman will end up being a fishman The same water that he has to guide the ship through, he uses to fight I think that creates a great thematic line there Who could be a better helmsman than someone who has spent his entire life in the ocean? I also believe that the next fishman (nakama) should have a deep connection to being a slave To match the aesthetic of Fishman Island and what the plights of his people have always been about I believe that a next helmsman will be the fishman nakama Now, as for when he will join, I will get into that later

in this video (not actually in this video) Now the next one I want to talk about is the coating mechanic and this is the most extensive one to talk about Because this role has a lot of issues straight from the get-go that you can look at For a coating mechanic there is the problem of the resin that’s needed to coat a ship, It’s supposed to be exclusive to Sabaody Archipelago

you’re only supposed to be able to coat ships there because of the special environment in the air created by the mangroves and there are all these restrictions on coating, as far as it’s related on Paradise and we have not been given any alternative, even though people expect that there should be some alternative so you’re wondering how coating a ship would even work (as a position)? Well I believe these problems can be overcome by a Devil Fruit If the Coating Mechanic has a devil fruit, that can create a substance that is ideal for coating but doesn’t also have those same restrictions, then we instantly a coater who is unique among coating mechanics

A coater who can coat whenever we need it And whenever we may want to use it and a coater who would be using this Devil Fruit to fight So immediately, you have a theme there that matches (that parallels) just like the Fishman matching the helmsman position, A coater with a Devil fruit that could fill all these requirements would match this crew so now we have to look at Devil Fruits in the crew to see if there are any theories relating to this Any patterns that have emerged and the one major one is the “Odachi Code” theory, as I like to call it It deals with an SBS post that was proposed to Oda by a Japanese fan

And basically she proposed the idea that Oda was using Goroawase to choose the names of the Devil Fruits in the crew For those who don’t know, Goroawase is a Japanese game, where certain phrases or Japanese syllables(pronunciations) are used to represent certain numbers, and people take those syllables and construct little memory phrases to help them remember dates and numbers that can be decoded and Manga Artist use it to make very clever puns in their own series For instance, Ichigo is a pun done by Kubo Because “Ichi” represents 1 in Goroawase and “Go” represents 5 Thus, Ichigo equals 15, and Ichigo was 15 years old at the start of the series and his birthday is on the 15th so when you look at that, you can see that they love to use this to make a little pun(s) so she was proposing the idea that Oda was using Goroawase to make a pun game out of the crew’s DFs

and she presented her evidence and her evidence was pretty damning Of course Oda denied it, but basically she presented the evidenece that 1 and 10 is Chopper because he’s “Hi”(1) and “To”(10) Brooke’s fruit the Yomi Yomi no mi is 4(“Yo”), 3(“Mi”) Luffy’s is 5-6 (Gomu Gomu no mi “Go”=5 “Mu”=6) And Robin’s was 8-7 (Hana Hana no mi “Ha”=8 “Na”=7) She then proposed the idea that maybe Oda was trying to say that Kuma would join Because his fruit, Nikyu Nikyu no mi, is 2(“Ni”)-9(“Kyu”) in Goroawase But what was omitted (not considered) was the fact that Goroawase is not so simple

Goroawase actually goes from 0-10 and there are a lot more complex combinations that can be formed So I made my own theory on this but I noticed something right away when looking at the Goroawase combination and that was that Robin didn’t actually have to be 8-7 as was originally thought by the Japanese poster because if you use the more complex Goroawase “Na”, that syllable that creates the second half of Robin’s fruit’s name could actually be 0, AS WELL AS, 7 It could represent either one so I believe that Robin is not 8-7, she(her fruit) is actually 8-0!! so now let’s look at the crew’s (devil fruits) actual designations according to that format

We have Robin at 8-0, Chopper at 1-10 Brooke is 4-3, and Luffy is 5-6 Then you have a situation where 2,7 and 9 are actually available for use Now someone did mention in my theory (thread) when I did this on Orojackson, that Luffy doesn’t actually have to be 5-6 that he could be something else BUT I do actually believe that he is 5-6 Because of a pun that Oda made right at the end of Dressrosa when we first got our Strawhat Grand Fleet which was that our total number of followers added up exactly to 5600 and I think Oda was definitely making a pun there based on the Goroawase combination for Luffy’s DF which was Gomu Gomu, which is 5 (“Go”)-6(“Mu”) And for him to have 5600 followers, I think that is definite proof that Luffy is actually 5-6 and that, there is no reason to change Luffy from that combination So we basically got the Go-Mu fleet which I think was kind of clever from Oda

I think something that is lost in translation that you could never get being an English reader I believe that Luffy stays the same, Brooke stays the same, Choper stays the same, Robin is 8-0 But 2,7 and 9 opens up a whole bunch of possibilities For one thing, it makes it even more likely that Nami will get Monet’s fruit from the Nami-Monet DF Theory that has been circulating around the community for OVER a year now mainly because Monet’s Fruit the Yuki Yuki no mi is 7(“Yu”)-9(“Ki”) so like I said, I moved Robin off of 7, and therefore the Yuki Yuki no mi is 7-9 so with that added in and let’s say that theory is correct, we end up with 0,1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 10 all accounted for

The only thin missing is 2 and this brings me right back around to the DF that I was talking about that would be perfect for a coating mechanic Because then I have to ask myself Is Oda trying to avoid repetition (completely)? Is that the game he is playing? Or is Oda trying to use every single Goroawase syllable, from the entire list AT LEAST once? To represent each number AT LEAST once with the Devil fruits in the crew

Going with the second option means that Oda could actually overwrite and add a 6th DF user into the crew So that would leave us in a situation with 6 DF users to the 5 non-DF users, assuming a Fishman does join And what I thought about, using this “2” syllable,in a fruit that would be perfect for coating would be able to be used at any time, would be waterproof And I really spent a lot of time researching what would be needed to create a coating-like substance And I settled on this particular fruit, which AMAZINGLY fits perfectly And that’s the Mitsu Mitsu no mi “Mi” is from the 3 syllable, and “Tsu”, fits the 2-syllable and uses up that Goroawase option And this fruit translates as the Honey fruit or Beeswax Fruit

First of all this is a unique fruit in the crew We don’t have a fruit that produces a substance but the user can’t become it This would be a fruit similar to Mr3’s CandleWax fruit, or to Magellan’s Poison fruit A substance where you can create forms and shapes out of it, but you can’t BECOME it

So it doesn’t make it a Logia So I do believe this would be a paramecia I do believe that this fruit would be perfect Because it fits all the requirements for a material that is similar to the resin And also giving us that pattern where it creates a parallel between the Devil Fruit(Role) and the Fighting Style INSTANTLY, because he’s a coater and he’d be using his honey substance to fight It fits PERFECTLY!! It took me a long time to find this I don’t know Japanese, so it took me a long time to research this But I came up with that fruit(Mitsu Mitsu no mi)

So what I’m thinking is that we are gonna get a Coating Mechanic who uses honey to coat the ship So those are the two nakama positions that I’m thinking of The fighting styles that I’m thinking of It matches with the current patterns in the crew It gives another fruit user who’s not too overpowered, but it also gives us a Fishman

And even better the Mitsu Mitsu no mi, might actually be the only DF user who could swim If he could waterproof and coat himself, he could dive into the ocean and stay in it for a limited amount of time Before it begins to affect him or degrade away at his DF powers So that’s my “Last Two Nakama” Theory What I’ll do is I’ll split this into two parts and I’ll deal with when they will actually join, in a whole new theory that follows this one.

One Piece Ch.824 Sanji’s Wife Finally Appears!

Hello ladies and gentlemen It’s Sakuragi from OhayōOtakuDesu Channel Today’s episode is the Manga Review of the One Piece Ch824 Let’s Start ! This Week’s Chapter is good It contains lot of pages especially the large one in addition to a colored page The Chapter was titled “Little Pirate Games” The first thing is that the Straw Hat crew knew about the destruction of the Baltigo island And Pedro said that, until now there’s no informations about the dead and the wounded In a funny snapshot, Luffy burnt the kitchen and all supplies has been exhausted In addition to that he cooked something very bad :’D After that, Jack appeared, he’s still alive! He’s very angry and he can’t move And then Kaidō showed up, he was angry to the point that he was crying while drinking Sake He even hit one of his audience because he was holding Luffy’s poster And here Kaidō said “Go, go and tell them; run away idiots, until now, we are just playing a little pirate game” Kid appeared in a prison cell covered with blood, he looked on death’s bed Then Sanji showed up, he was quiet but so serious He was talking with Tamago, this last was trying to convince Sanji to join the Big Mom crew Here, Sanji looked so angry and said “These hands were made just to cook food for my friends” WELL SAID Sanji 😉 In the last page, Sanji saw the picture of his wife Pudding and he liked her xD Let’s analyze the chapter and give some theories We begin with what Kaidō said to Kid about that they were playing a little pirates game And you saw how Kid was covered with blood on death’s bed Without forgetting tha Kid had the biggest price concerning the Supernovae 2 years ago And we don’t even know who became stronger after the time skip The only certain thing is that Law & Luffy are going to HELL Maybe Kid was caught while defending his crew, and this last is now looking for a plan to save their captain Maybe Killer the vice captain is looking for Law & Luffy to make a new alliance in order to beat Kaidō And Oda has already mentionned that in Archipel Sabaody Concerning Sanji, If you noticed, since the beginning of One Piece, Zoro was training hard While Sanji was only cooking and having some fun with Nami & Robin etc

Inspite of that, Zoro & Sanji are almost equal concerning the power And we still don’t know his power after the time skip, he even said “I’ve spent 2 years in HELL” The certain thing is that Sanji is not joining the Big Mom crew definitely The second thing is concerning Pudding, We saw Sanji so serious So the fact that he liked her is just because he always likes cute girls But as you see Pudding has 3 eyes, the third one was covered by her hair in the picture And I’m pretty sure that when he will know that, he will no longer like here Concerning Jack, we alredy put a theory saying that he’s dead but he’s back again If you noticed, Jack has teeth like an amphibious, we didn’t notice that before because he had a mask Maybe he’s an amphibious but i don’t think so because if he was, Jinbei wouldn’t be classified as the strongest amphibious So I think Jack is a hybrid As we know the amphibious were hated and maltreated by humans during history So maybe he put the mask to hide his idendity Which proves his ability to breath inside the water He’s weak cuzz he’s a devil fruit user but he’s still breathing And Finally, concerning the Revolutionary Army theory In this chapter we saw few simple things about that Firstly, there was news about the destruction of the Baltigo island by the Black Beard pirates The certain thing as I’ve already said, there wasn’t any war Because, they said a destruction of the island but not a war, so there wasn’t any war The first probability is that Dragon is the one who destroyed the island As we know the first enemy of the World Government is the Revolutionary Army So they falsified the news to make the Revolutionary Army look weak The second probability is that the Revolutionary Army left the island when they knew about Burgess And when Teach came and didn’t find anyone, he was angry and decided to destroy the island We arrived to end of this episode We wish you enjoyed it If you have any other theories, put it on comments.