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‘One Piece’ episode 790 review: Jimbei leaves Big Mom Pirates!

After refusing once, Jimbei is now ready to leave the emperor’s group and team up with the Straw Hats. Through the years, the quality of #One Piece episodes goes on a cycle rather than a total decline and the Whole Cake Island arc is no exemption. The current arc is like a roller coaster ride where there are parts that are incredibly exciting, and there are some parts that are slow and tedious. However, there are times when the series will deliver an outstanding episode that anyone can admire in silence even without the dialogue. Episodes that reminds us of all the thing that we love about Luffy and the #Straw Hats and episode 790 is one of them.

Jimbei leaves Big Mom Pirates

This week’s episode continued where the story left off last time when #Jimbei informed the Big Mom that he has something important to discuss with her. Big Mom sensed that the Knight of the Sea is defecting from her group and she seemed receptive to Jimbei’s request. The emperor told the fishman that as a pirate he should live freely, but his absence will be a significant loss for her, so she asks for compensation. Big Mom asked Jimbei to spin a roulette with symbols of arms, legs, heads and a skull that will decide what he will loose.

Last time, we were surprised to see Jimbei save the day by stopping the emperor from one of her crazy cravings and the latest episode explained us Jimbei’s sudden appearance. The main point of the episode was during a flashback hours before when Jimbei discussed with his crew his intentions to leave. The former Shichibukai admitted that he wants to join the Straw Hats on their journey and he believes that Luffy will inherit Gol D. Roger’s mantle as the Pirate King.

The scene is very heartwarming and adorable as Jimbei’s comrades told their captain that they are more than happy to let him leave. The crew including the first mate Aladine said to Jimbei that he had done enough for other people’s welfare for one lifetime and he should now follow his dreams. The moment is truly a genuine “One Piece” hour where the episode perfectly captured the original well-drawn art and simple but nostalgic music choices.

Jimbei as Straw Hat’s helmsman?

All in all, the Straw Hat’s is almost complete, and the essential roles on the ship are mainly filled up. The group has a captain, a navigator, swordsman, sniper, shipwright, musician, chef, doctor and an archaeologist. The only spot that was left available was a permanent helmsman that can drive a ship skillfully. So far, the Straw Hats are taking turns in driving Sunny, and with Jimbei’s addition, the group will have an able helmsman.

As a fishman, Jimbei is an accomplished helmsman, and there is no one more familiar with the sea more than him.

The fishman showcased his skills during the escape from Impel Down when he steered a massive and unfamiliar Marine battleship. The Knight of the Sea not only successfully drove a stolen ship but also managed to dodge multiple cannon fires from over a dozen of chasing battleships.

If the Straw Hats manage to retrieve Sanji successfully, they will not only have their chef back, but they will also have a new teammate and helmsman.

How strong are the Vinsmokes in ‘One Piece’ really?

Along with Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro, Sanji forms the Straw Hats’ infamous Monster Trio and is, arguably, the crew’s third strongest member. Considering that Sanji spends most of his time preparing food for his crewmates, it is quite remarkable how powerful he is. It was first revealed in chapter 812 of One Piece that Sanji is a member of the notorious Vinsmoke Family, a royal family originating in the North Blue. So far, we have not seen much of the Vinsmokes’ true powers but they will, undoubtedly, play an important role in this arc. Since chapter 864 of the popular manga series won’t be released until May, let’s take some time to look at the Vinsmoke family instead.

The Vinsmoke family and the Germa 66

Sanji’s father, Vinsmoke Judge, is the leader of the so-called Germa 66, a warmongering army made up of genetically enhanced clones who follow the Vinsmokes’ orders without a second’s hesitation. Furthermore, it was revealed that Sanji and his siblings, Reiju, Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji, were genetically modified by their father with the purpose of creating superhuman commanders for his army. This genetical modification, however, made them devoid of emotion. In order to prevent her children from becoming apathetic supersoldiers, Sanji’s mother, Sora, took a drug that ultimately killed her. Thanks to her efforts, Sanji was able to feel emotion but lacked the genetic enhancements of his siblings. Subsequently, his father locked him away until Reiju helped her brother escape.

In the current arc, the Vinsmoke family have joined up with the Big Mom Pirates in order to secure a powerful political ally. To seal this alliance, Big Mom insisted that one of Judge’s children must be married off to her 35th daughter, Pudding. Not wanting to sacrifice his beloved children, Judge instead opted to summon his castaway son, Sanji, for the marriage. Unbeknownst to the Vinsmokes, however, Big Mom is actually planning to assassinate the entire family and take over the Germa 66 for herself.

Are the Vinsmokes really that powerful?

So far, Sanji has picked a fight with three of his family members, including a quick sparring session with his father, an offscreen battle with Yonji, and another scuffle with Niji. Presumably, Sanji disposed of Yonji without too much effort but struggled against Judge, particularly because he hesitated to attack the Germa soldiers whom his father used as human shields. Sanji’s battle with Niji, on the other hand, was very one-sided. His brothers threatened to harm Sanji’s benefactor, Zeff, so Sanji had no choice but to take a severe beating from Niji.

All in all, we have not seen much of the Vinsmokes’ true powers, but Sanji demonstrated that he was strong enough to send both Yonji and Niji flying. With just one powerful kick, Sanji managed to severely deform Niji’s face, although he did recover quickly. Thanks to their genetical modification, Reiju, Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji are much more durable than the average person. Nonetheless, Pudding was able to injure Reiju with a modified revolver. Perhaps, the most impressive feat that the Vinsmokes have shown so far was Niji’s ability to turn invisible and emit electricity from his body. Judge, on the other hand, seems to rely solely on his advanced weaponry, which is sort of reminiscent of Skypiea’s technology. Even so, Judge failed to inflict any long-lasting damage on Sanji. It remains to be seen how strong Sanji’s family really is, but with the Big Mom assassination plan underway, the Vinsmokes will surely get involved sooner or later.

One Piece Chapter 863: Charlotte Katakuri’s powers revealed!

The last chapter of One Piece ended with hundreds of Luffys jumping out of the mammoth wedding cake, and #Big Mom looking in awe at the scene unfolding before her. Sanji was also able to dodge a bullet that the most powerful of the three Sweet Commanders, Charlotte #Katakuri, flicked at him. In the meantime, Pudding was unintentionally incapacitated by Sanji, who charmingly complimented her on her third eye. As a result of his sweet talk, Pudding broke down crying and was incapable of shooting Sanji as she had originally planned. In this week’s chapter, we find out more about Katakuri’s devil fruit power.

Katakuri possesses the powers of the Mochi Mochi no Mi

With a bounty worth 1,057,000,000 Belly, Charlotte Katakuri currently has the highest known bounty in One Piece.

As such, it was expected that he’d be extraordinarily powerful. Capone Bege previously revealed that Katakuri is a master of the Kenbunshoku Haki and that he is able to see into the future, albeit only for a few seconds. When Luffy leaped towards the picture of Mother Caramel, Katakuri demonstrated his powers for the first time. The Sweet Commander prevented Luffy from reaching the picture of Big Mom’s benefactor by kicking him in the face with an oversized foot coated in Haki. Surprisingly, Luffy was unable to move and was stuck to Katakuri’s foot until Jinbei intervened. The former Shichibukai used his Fishman Karate techniques to attack Katakuri with black tea. Luffy was then released from the mysterious powers of the Sweet Commander. Subsequently, Jinbei explained that Katakuri was a Logia-type who possesses the powers of the so-called Mochi Mochi no Mi.

According to the English translation uploaded to Mangastream, “mochi is the name of a sticky rice cake sweet, and also the descriptor for sticky, chewy things in general”. Jinbei further explained that Katakuri’s powers could be weakened with water – or in this case tea.

Jinbei officially quits the Big Mom Pirates

Jinbei has previously declared that he wishes to join the Straw Hat Pirates and firmly believes that Luffy will one day become the King of the Pirates. However, the former Shichibukai was unable to join Luffy’s crew immediately, as he was still a member of the Big Mom Pirates. Jinbei joined Big Mom’s crew after the death of Whitebeard because he needed the Yonko’s help protecting his home, Fishman Island. With her infamy and influence, Big Mom claimed Fishman Island as her territory and scared off any potential invaders. After the defeat of Hody Jones, however, Luffy offered to protect the island with his own jolly roger. Jinbei then decided to quit the Big Mom Pirates and confronted her in chapter 830.

Big Mom, however, said that he must spin her roulette if he wishes to leave her crew. Knowing that something was amiss, Jinbei declined. In this week’s chapter, Jinbei confronted the Yonko once more. This time, he officially resigned from her crew and even though Big Mom tried to take his life span as payment, she was unable to do so, because Jinbei felt no fear. While chaos ensued, Brook, who was disguised as Luffy, took out a hammer and successfully demolished Mother Caramel’s picture. It remains to be seen how Big Mom will react to this, but one thing is certain: She won’t be too pleased!

Could the Straw Hats have their own top commanders?

With the introduction of the Big Mom Pirates in the current arc of “One Piece,” readers have gotten a better understanding of how the pirate crews of the Yonko are structured. The Yonko are, of course, the 4 most powerful and influential pirates in the New World. Along with Shanks, Kaidou, and Blackbeard, the primary antagonist of the current arc, Big Mom, is one of these Yonko. As such, Big Mom has a huge following of infamous criminals and pirates, including the likes of Pekoms, Baron Tamago, and former Shichibukai Jinbei, who quit her crew in chapter 863 to serve under Luffy. As captain, Big Mom obviously holds the reins and has complete dominion over her entire crew.

Furthermore, she has a trio of executive officers known as the Sweet Commanders. These Sweet Commanders are made up of 3 of her strongest children, namely Cracker, Smoothie, and Katakuri. In this article, we will be looking at the Sweet Commanders and the possibility of the #Straw Hats introducing a similar system to their crew.

New World pirates: The Yonko and their top executive officers

Like the Big Mom Pirates, Kaidou’s Beast Pirates also have 3 top executive officers, known as the Disasters, in their ranks. So far, we have only seen Jack the Drought, who has an impressive bounty of 1,000,000,000 Belli. Each of Kaidou’s commanders has control over a subdivision of the crew, with Jack in charge of the so-called Gifters and Pleasures. It has also been revealed that the other two Yonko, Shanks and Blackbeard, have appointed commanders within their ranks.

Jesus Burgess, for instance, is the captain of Blackbeard’s first ship, while Benn Beckman is the vice captain of the Red Hair Pirates. It is still unknown, however, whether Blackbeard and Shanks have 3 top executive officers in the style of the Sweet Commanders. Furthermore, it should be noted that the Sweet Commanders originally consisted of 4 members. Brûlée, one of Big Mom’s many daughters, revealed in chapter 837 that her brother Snack was also a Sweet Commander until his defeat at the hands of Urouge.

This shows that the Yonko pirate crews are not strictly restricted to 3 top commanders. For example, the Whitebeard Pirates consisted of 16 divisions, each of which had its own commander. Also, the Yonko aren’t the only pirate captains who have appointed executive officers. The former Shichibukai Donquixote Doflamingo had his very own executive officers in the form of Diamante, Pica, and Trebol. Similar to the Disasters, each of these officers had control over three subdivisions of the Donquixote Pirates.

Could the Straw Hat Pirates have a similar system?

After the Straw Hats’ victory against Donquixote Doflamingo at Dressrosa, many of Luffy’s allies swore fealty to his pirate crew and formed the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. One of the reasons pirate captains appoint commanders is that they oversee a large amount of underlings. In other words, it would be impossible for someone like Big Mom to have control over her entire crew without a clear hierarchy and system. The Straw Hats, particularly Luffy, are clearly very different from other pirate crews, and Luffy was initially against the idea of joining forces with Cavendish and the rest. Now that the Straw Hats have a very large number of subordinates, 5,640 to be exact, it may be necessary for Luffy to appoint commanders for each division of the Grand Fleet. Obviously, logistics aren’t Luffy’s strong suit, but it remains a possibility that the #Straw Hat Pirates might one day end up with their own commanders. Unofficially, the so-called Monster Trio are already the crew’s top fighters anyway.

Katakuri Caused Shanks’Scar | One Piece Theory

A theory comes out, and this time is about Katakuri. Even if he is a completely new character, we can’t ignore that he was foreshadowed in the past like many characters in One Piece.

It was a big speech about him, and he made his debut right before the wedding’s start. He has a big plot role from now on, so let’s analyze the cover who foreshadowed him.

One Piece chapter 28 cover

On this cover, we have Straw Hats as farmers. We can notice a lot of potatoes.

Katakuri is confirmed to mean dogtooth, but there is and another meaning as “potato’s starch”. Probably it isn’t a strong reason itself for getting Katakuri’s foreshadowing, but here are some hints of Whole cake island, that makes potatoes to be related to Katakuri. At first look, the sign has drawn a cup of tea And the direction is in the village. The two symbols are the two teams of Straw Hats.

If we guess, the “tea-cup” is the team who went in Whole Cake for the tea party, the other with the “house”, is the team who went in Wano. The animal who walks in this direction has horns referenced to Kaido. After, there are some carrots. Carrot and her favorite food, what else from carrots, are active in Whole Cake arc. If Carrot joins or not, we can see that the main potato and the main carrot are jumping out of the cart at the same time, so what if there is some plot in the future between Katakuri and Carrot? It could be something like Nami and Buggy, or Robin and CP9, to wit a “fake” alliance for some reason.

But here’s the theory is about. We can expect Katakuri’s power with how it relates to the story. Look very close Zoro in this cover: He has 3 potatoes put on his head, and he is the ONLY one without gloves for farming.

After giving a look to Shanks back, and he has an imprint of Zoro’s “dirty” hands. Actually, is the hand which holding a potato And in Shanks’ t-shirt is written the phrase “marvelous noon”. This phrase has a meaning of a peaceful time, and you can check that Shanks covers his face with his hand. Moreover, this side of the face is who has his famous scar.

So, I’m starting to think that Katakuri is related to Shanks scar somehow. Many have been theorizing, including me, that Blackbeard gave this scar to Shanks, with his hidden zoan Devil Fruit But it isn’t impossible that Blackbeard was involved in this and he didn’t hurt directly Shanks even in chapter 434, Shanks says that Teach “inflicted” the scar, and it isn’t because Shanks was careless. Concluding, what happened was BETRAYAL.

Blackbeard acted friendly with Shanks, and during a rest time, betrayed him, and made Katakuri to giving the famous scar Maybe, he caused this, using his jelly beans or his development Observation haki. Also, the name of “dogtooth” is fitting with the type of Shanks scar But why Katakuri was attacked, Shanks? Probably, because he was on Roger’s crew, and Roger stole Big Mom’s information for Raftel, and yet Big Mom has a grudge against him after those years. Now, do you think Shanks was actually defeated? I think not.

I think the hidden scar of Katakuri’s mouth was the cost of this attack back then.Shanks with his two arms and his great swordsmanship, he was able to fight Katakuri, so he left his “gift” to him. Rate and share this theory See ya!

Jack and Oro Jackson | One Piece Theory

Theory’s time and I have one about Jack who may be this strong captain, and with who legend is related.

What do we know about Jack? He is a disaster, a Fishman, a devil fruit user. His very own name, Jack, could be related to the other character And this character is Tom. Tom was a Fishman and he was the builder of Roger’s ship, Oro Jackson From Water 7, seems that a shipwright not only builds ships, but he can give a name to it like Franky did with his battleships.

So, if Tom gave the name to the legendary ship, we can take a big information from what name he gave Oro Jackson. There is a hidden phrase here “Jack-son”. Is it crazy to believe that Jack is Tom’s real son? Both of them are fishmen, and this title is strange connected And it’s something more into it.

The legend of the god ‘Oro

In Polynesian Mythology “Oro” is a god, the god of war Oro enjoys fighting and demands human sacrifices during wartime. During a peacetime and when Oro decided to marry, he created a rainbow. The figures of this god, are made of woven dried coconut fibre.

In this myth, we see some keys who are links with Jack and Zou arc Just like god Oro, Jack enjoys war and to sacrifices his enemies, and when he left from Zou, we have seen there a “rainbow” and the message of “marriage” for Sanji’s story. The “dried” fibre of Oro’s figures are very related to Jack’s epithet, Drought Seems that the title “Oro Jackson” is deeply connected with Jack the Drought. So, how the story could be? We know that Tom’s character is based on Tom Builder, from the novel “The pillars of the Earth”.

In this novel, Tom Builder left his real son, and he adopted another boy, Jack Jackson In One Piece, Tom adopted Franky, we don’t know yet if he had a son, and I doubt he left his own son. But, here is this cover. A grave with the name “Jack”. As long as in the novel, Tom adopted Jack, jestingly with surname “Jackson”, I think Tom “lost” his real son Jack In the novel, “Pillars of Earth”, Tom Builder lost his wife during the birthing and decided to abandon his son. When he regret it and came back, his son has vanished. Oda has used Tom’s character from this novel, so I believe he could use a variation of this story, and he could make Tom to losing his son Jack once, and thinking of him as dead, so when he built the ship for Roger, he chooses the name of this ship.

I even think that the reason who Tom “lost” his son was Kaido. Think that with this way, will enter into the story of Kaido, Roger and “Oro Jackson”, if there is a backstory. To ending this theory, let’s keep a quote of Tom In chapter 356, Tom said to Franky: No matter what kind of ship you choose to create, there lies no “good” or “evil” in it!! I don’t care what you want to make in the future!! But, no matter who the ship you made hurts!! No matter how much ruin it brings to the world.

The father of that ship must love it as no one else does!!! The father of that ship must not deny it is his!!! Don’t blame the ship!! A man must be proud of the ship he builds! Could it be this a foreshadowing of Jack? Rate and share this theory.

Nami’s Old Friend, The Key to Whole Cake Island | Quick Prediction | One Piece Chapter 824

One Piece Chapter 824 had shown, the current situation of Sanji’s Rescue Team, and because of Luffy’s carelessness, a week’s worth of provisions had been lost, and now, they are dealing with starvation. Now, this may all appear, to be a “gag scene”, but it’s also possible that something interesting would happen to Sanji’s Rescue Team.

First of all, I would like to give credits to the guy, who had a theory about Gourmet Island and gave me an idea, on what is in store in the upcoming chapters. Marco, One Piece Theorist, made a very good observation, about the possibility of Lola, currently riding in a ship, that is owned by Mayor Bimine and his daughter, Marumieta, of the Gourmet Island, Pucci. I will put a link in the description about his theory, so please watch his video and subscribe to his channel. Moving on, I would like to say that I support his theory and I would base my prediction, from the theory that Marco One Piece Theorist made. I believe that Mayor Bimine and Marumieta, are sailing in the New World, in order to attend an important meeting, the Reverie, and there would be 2 important events that will be triggered because of this.

First is that, since it is the ship of the Gourmet Island, then the Sanji Rescue Team, can finally have their first decent meal in days and probably stock up on food as well. Second, is that Nami, would meet her old friend she met in Thriller Bark Lola, the Captain of the Rolling Pirates.

Lola got into the Gourmet Island’s ship in order to meet her “Pirate Mom”, who as she said was in the New World. However, in contrary to the theories, that Lola is Big Mom’s daughter, I have a different theory about the identity of Lola’s mother. I believe that Lola’s “Pirate Mom” is actually, Miss Bucking: the supposed mother of the new Shichibukai, Edward Weeble. So I believe that Lola will transfer to the Thousand Sunny, since the Gourmet Island’s ship is going to a different direction. More so, It’s because Lola discovered that the Thousand Sunny, is heading into the “Whole Cake Island.

” Now, You might wonder: “why would Lola be interested in hopping aboard the Thousand Sunny, when they are going to the Whole Cake Island, and not to Miss Bucking?” It’s because, Lola knows, that Luffy’s group would instantly be murdered, once they enter the territory of Big Mom So, “what would happen?”. Lola would propose to Luffy’s group something: and that is, to take a “detour”. Because Lola can sneak them inside the Whole Cake Island, which is the original plan and that way is to find Lola’s Mom, Miss Bucking who I believe, is a high ranking crewmember, and sister of Charlotte Linlin.

Also known as Big Mom: one of the Four Emperors I would also like to add, that this would also lead to Sanji’s Rescue Team, gaining an alliance from a familiar enemy, after finding Miss Bucking Gecko Moriah, Absalom and Doctor Hogback Which is interesting, because with Luffy right now is Nami, Chopper and Brook All of them having interesting connections with Moriah’s Crew.

Kaido | One Piece Theory

Kaido is a good emperor in the world of One piece that caught my attention and it made me ask a lot of questions about following the story of Luffy is Kaido well! Hyakuju No Kaido is one of the most feared pirates and respected in the world, actor major black market in one piece, it is the biggest customer of Doflamingo Regarding the development of smilies or fruits artificial demon, but it is to date the only one who besieged Wa No Kuni, or the land of the living samurais Yet far in autarky rules and laws of the world government.

Kaido is also the creature that beat Gecko Moria and pushed him to leave again world, it is also responsible for the attack on Jack Zoo but also capturing Eustass Kid In short, you’ll understand the emperor is not a child’s heart more Now that we have learned at its first appearance, that it has suffered seven losses, was caught 18 times, either by sea or enemies, that was tortured many times and finally he was sentenced to death forty times Best of all, it would be able to overturn new giant ships prisons Both say that we are the front of a case of extreme rarity Besides being extremely powerful and terrible, believe me its defeats have very it could well be dealt by Whitebeard, Roger or Shiki and even why not only by Roger the Pirate King, he would have inflicted seven losses to the creature the most powerful in the world, it’s not great? brief truce worldliness and return on topic yes because death seems refused to approach the Yonkou.

Some think it was the victim of “youth” Operation of Op Op No Mii, which is supposed to make the immortal subject Well, this theory can be expected but when you lean more to it not so close finally because if one refers to the definition of the word that is immortality: “Immortality is the fact that a living being to escape death and remain living indefinitely, even eternal ” Here what is emphasized is the aspect of “life” of the subject, ie, it can stay alive but if it suffers damage it will necessarily be impacted, and if we cut him a leg that does not grow, it will be permanently lost despite “immortality” But that in no way corresponds to Kaido because we know he was about to hang or to the guillotine and weapons are automatically broken and will have him left no scars on the body, if it was really the effects of Op Op No.

Mii, Kaido was covered with scars It’s that easy so the op op No mii you can forget it and listen rather that To date and according to Law, the chances of defeat kaido are thin and fall 30% because given its invulnerability battle promises already lost Except, it remains to me a crucial point which will allow the alliance Muugiwara / minks / marco and law and this point is the scar Kaido This injury is healed by me “THE BREACH THE SOLUTION” to the problem Kaido As I said earlier, all the weapons that hit Kaido were broken one by one and the scar it has shown us that there’s a way to hurt him Still, this apology at the invulnerability Kaido remember strangely that of Siegfried “Siegfried is a warrior prince from a higher power, responsible for many exploits, like the murder of Fáfnir dragon in Norse mythology.

Some traditions relate that he became invulnerable, especially when bathing in the blood of the monster, except in one place back which was not wet, and he was tragically killed because of this weakness ” The weakness of Siegfried represents the alliance out Indeed, I would recall that the history of the Nordic warrior can be seen as Oda inspiration because Siegfried was also insensitive to weapons and shots as is the Yonkou, and even warrior has a weakness at the back which can be likened Kaido has the scar It is clear that the scar will not be reopened by simple weapons white This will require a high-powered haki and good strike force to waver the emperor.

And I think, you know Luffy does not reflect this eventuality and darken the pile head down to do battle until one its allies, and I think particularly Jinbei big brother, the strategist, the voice of the reason that will motivate them to aim for the abdomen Kaido to reopen this old scar It will, it says, needs a new asset in terms of power to hurt but Kaido that we’ll talk about in a future video Also, if I keep my opinion that I have from the start of the scar that is it’s GOL D ROGER who inflicted Kaido, it would mean indirectly Roger has entrusted the destiny of Kaido to the one who inherited his will be Luffy.

Power Levels: How They Are | One Piece Theory

Let’s talk about power scales in One Piece. It’s a very speculative topic and a “fighting” topic.

But, there is some logic and we can approach the truth, with a little analysis. First, let’s clarify, we are not talking about teams and groups, but for a “person” who has a title. Not all the Yonkous, but a single one in what scale is. The category could overlap with other categories, and we can think of it near the limits of every scale. The exclusives are an exception to all this.

Now, think the scale like a pyramid or a tower. Something must be at the top. What else? Pirate King of course. Pirate King should be the strongest one of this scale, and Doflamingo confirms that in the end of Dressrosa, with the throne wars, and he said the one who will get this throne, will rule all of the seas. After, you can see after the first Pirate King died, how the things change all the time, until someone will get the title again.

It’s like a kingdom or an army without a “head” Or those who are “head” aren’t worth to this level and they are vulnerable to changes. Right after is the Fleet Admiral. This scale is too strong and very close to Pirate King’s level, but it reaches it a bit. It’s the strongest Marine level and he can rule the Marine army by his power, but it can’t be the king of the seas, because he only can fight with Pirate King, with the winning possibility decreasing much.

I wouldn’t say zero possibility, but the Fleet as strong as if he, can’t defeat the Conqueror’s Haki of the Pirate King, and you know the plot armor is that who protect the King on the top. We can’t ignore Revolutionary Army. The Revolutionary Leader is one of the strongest levels of the sea, and he is worth to the Fleet Admiral Again, he can’t be Pirate King level, also he can be close to it, and he is enough good to fight the King’s level but no winning. A fight between Fleet Admiral and Revolutionary Leader would be awesome, because we are talking about the same level, and we will see this during a big war between Government and Revolutionaries.

Some proof of this level is that the strongest Revolutionaries have strong fight styles, haki advance and they are an army of warriors So, the leader should be a master of all these. After is Yonkou Right, a Yonkou is really strong, even Whitebeard seemed to be very close to being Pirate King, but actually, Yonkou is above to Fleet Admiral or Revo’s Leader level It’s close to them, sure, but a Yonkou isn’t enough strong to defeat alone the strongest Marine or the Revo leader.

If it was, then it could be the King very easily, but even Kaido was captured, even Whitebeard had problems fighting an Admiral, not the Fleet And with this, we passed to Admiral level Admiral is a very critical level between Fleet and the other Marines this level covers what holes would be inside the Marines’ power. The one who becomes Admiral is strong without thinking. The level is so close to Yonkou level like you can say the strongest Admiral can fight or even win against the weakest Yonkou. In the other hand, it’s the Revolutionary commander This level is a category who can assign from a vice admiral level to the Admiral level

So, a strong commander like Sabo can fight well with an Admiral like Fujitora. A commander can have haki or a unique fight style, that it comes very dangerous at this status, for Marines Continuously, the pirate levels, right after Yonkou, there is the Captain Yonkou, this level is much strong, if you see how beast is Jack or how strong was Cracker, and it’s needed a whole fleet for fight them (not defeat them), as for the fight Luffy vs Cracker, don’t forget that Luffy is going to be the Pirate King, the strongest, so he must defeat a Yonkou Captain somehow. Now, Marines have opposite Revo’s commanders and Yonkou’s with their captains, so Admirals aren’t enough Neither Vice Admirals and Captains.

So, they have to support the balance with an alliance This alliance is the Shichibukai system Those pirates who enter this system should fight a low pirate level to a Captain Yonkou This includes the Revo’s commander level, but their work is to fighting other pirates For example, Mihawk could fight a pirate like Don Krieg, and he could fight Cracker, too.

Of course, Marines don’t want all Shichibukai to be so powerful like the Admirals, and that’s why a Vice Admiral, an important status, could be worth to some of the Shichibukai Vice Admiral, actually, is a level corresponding to Supernova Momonga or Smoker can fight with Appo or Kidd Sure, it is not the same a win against Appo with a win against Kidd, but when you can see Smoker fought Law well, you can believe he can defeat Appo or even hurt Kidd And so, Marines important levels end with Captains, I know there are some ranks worth to talk, but I think the captain is the most important.

They are compared marginally with Supernova, and they can fight or even defeat any lower level pirates than Supernova Like you can say that Coby, as a captain can defeat Arlong, which is a strong pirate, but not Supernova level On the other, Revolutionaries have an unknown base of members, but I suspect they can fight any low-rank Marines and even captain level. Share this theory.

One Piece Chapter 855 Review

On the cover page of this chapter, we see Corazon and Law. Am I the only one who doesn’t like to see dead people on the cover page, it makes me sad.

Anyway, Rest in Peace Law, you will be missed On the first page, you have that text from Oda that says: “A hectic night precedes the wedding ceremony”. Is this Oda’s way of confirming that the Wedding will happen? I really hope so, otherwise all that build up would be for nothing Bobbin says that “even Hell’s Demons make appearances at Mama’s tea parties”. And now I am even more hyped, I want to see who these demons are.

Oda did reveal the Bounty of Bobbin, it’s 1055 million! There was a time when I thought this number is high, I do remember when Luffy’s bounty was 100 million. This could mean that Bobbin is not that strong or the World Government is running out of money. And this would explain why this bounty is 1055 million and not 105 million because this way there are only 3 numbers, instead of 4.

Anyway, when other people came to see what that noise was about he puts them to sleep, which is weird why would you do that? It’s clear that Sanji is stronger than him and he wants to go after him alone! If he wants to ensure that everything will go as planned then why he doesn’t want reinforcements. So, he has the power to put people to sleep, it’s very likely that this is a devil fruit, maybe Sleep Sleep No Mi. What do you guys think? And then we go to Big Mom’s room where she is sleeping and some creepy people are watching her. That’s not cool guys. But, do you know what is even more creepy than that?! Brook sleeping with Big Mom What ta hell dude.

Was this part of your to-do list?! Save Sanji, Steal the Poneglyph, Sleep with Big Mom. I am curious to know what’s next for him?! In the beginning of this video, I said that I don’t like seeing dead people because it makes me sad. I wonder what kind of painful death Big Mom will give Brulee?! The tree homie King Baum was cut in half for helping them to get out of the Seducing Forst. But Brulee did help them even more than that so far, everything that is happening is her fault. Try to imagine Big Mom’s rage when she will find out that Brook is gone, copies of the poneglyphs are stolen, the Straw Hats are gone. In short: Hell on Earth. Good Luck Brulee on trying to convince them they used you against your own will.

But wait if you do that this means that you are weak. So, what’s the point of keeping you around then, if you cannot do your job. She has only one way out of this to join the Straw Hats and escape, I mean because of her they made it this far, so they should return the favor. Maybe she will go after Lola and join her crew, this would be good for her. So, in order to save Brook they come up with a plan where everyone tries to do their best.

The whole thing was more like a comedy than anything else, I am sure in the anime it will be even funnier. But in all this, we did also learn about Big Mom’s powers and how she fights. So, the hat is also a sword, so this means that Big Mom fights with a sword. And the other thing is how she uses Prometheus First, she did grab him and when she throws him at them she says “Heavenly Fire” and everything is engulfed in flames.

This shows how powerful a Yonko is, and the scary thing here is that this is just the beginning. She has to have other powers as well Because otherwise, Oda will not reveal her full powers in this way, when she is not even fighting but sleeping. Anyway, so they did manage to save Brook and now he is in the Mirror World with them but the big thing here is that Brook actually did steal the Poneglyphs, not just the Road-Poneglyph but the other two as well. Robin said to them that if you can please get a copy of the road-poneglyph.

Now imagine how surprised she will be when they will give her three copies of the poneglyphs. This is like the Hobbit movies, people were asking for one and they got three Lady Galadriel and Gimli approve this. So, if the Straw Hats decide to leave, now that they got Sanji and the Poneglyphs this means that they don’t have a reason to return here again So, this is the only arc that we are getting about Whole Cake Island.

Anyway, and then we see that Sanji did find Luffy. Those last two panels where you can see both of their faces, they really are quite powerful They really make you emotional, and this is very weird because most of this chapter was comedy. If this chapter would be just those two panels I would be more than happy, and I would think that this is a great chapter. I was just staring those two panels for a long time.

All the things that Sanji did and say, and Luffy is still waiting there and starving to death. Anyway, what do you guys think about this chapter? Let me know in the comments.