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Will we see Dadan again?

Curly Dadan was the one who took care of Luffy, Ace and later Sabo. She was a bandit and had her small crew, but they were all nice and watched over Luffy.

When he decided to go on a adventure, Dadan was hiding her tears, but she was proud and sad at the same time.

Would you travel?

Kuma used the situation and while he still had some humanity and memories, he sent all Straw hats flying to unknown lands.

He saw that they are lacking in abilities and knew exactly who would help each one of them. We have to thank Kuma, for he played a big part in making them strong.

Would you follow him?

Usopp is always telling various lies, but it seems that all his unrealistic stories are turning into reality. He will have so much to talk about to Kaya.

Usopp once lied that he had many followers, but that came true in Dressrosa, when they proclamed him to be God Usopp. Would you follow him?

What did Garp think?

When Garp saw that Luffy came to rescue his brother Ace, he must have felt insecure. Not only is he going to lose Ace, but might even lose Luffy, because he is also a wonted criminal.

Garp could not help them,  but deep down we could see him suffer. If only he abandoned his title as a marine…

What did he do?

Do you remember the scene when Luffy said that he kept the squid in his pants. He never ceases to amaze us with his ideas and plans.

Luffy may be childish but he is never ignorant or careless. He keeps the gags coming, and in the same time gives us chills with his fights.

How strong is Usopp now?

Usopp always seemed as the weakest male part of the Straw hat crew and Oda himself said that Usopp is supposed to represent all fans who are watching an reading One Piece.

We are mere humans and so he wants to prove that even we can become strong like Usopp came to be.

What is Zoro’s best moment?

Zoro had many astonishing moments, both funny and thrilling. He has a running gag of eternally getting lost, but yet he has a job to finish of many strong guys.

He battled Kuma and gave his life for his crew, covered in his own blood he took Luffy’s burden on himself and that may be his best moment so far.

What happened here?

They are an amazing crew, always ready to put their own dreams aside and to help someone. When they arrived on Punk Hazard, they almost froze to death.

It is due to Akainu and Aokiji having a duel on this island. Half of the island is an eternal ice and the other half is lava and fire.

Zoro will never change

Zoro i stubborn and prideful, he only listens to Luffy, so when he was injured, Chopper tried to take care of him, but Zoro can’t stay still so Chopper had to tie him up.

Zoro and Chopper are on good terms and respect each other, just like they respect their other nakama.

Is Nami scary?

Nami is bossy and like every other girl really demanding. She is an amazing navigator but sometimes punches Luffy and makes order.

Only Sanji listens to her every word, while other don’t  pay attention. Luffy always looks beaten up after she punches him. She must look scary to Luffy. What about you?