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Would someone else do the same?

While Kuma was fighting Zoro, he saw potential and wanted to test his mentality, loyalty and if he was ready to sacrifice himself in order to save his captain Luffy.

That meant that Zoro was ready to abandon all his dreams and aspirations and give everything to Luffy. All my respect goes to Zoro.

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Fujitora may be that one drop which will spill the cup. He may be the one to change the system. Together with Smoker and Aokiji, he should make a new world for the marines.

Coby will help them too. That way they will be of more use and will protect everyone and not play foul games.

Choose only one scene

There were many amazing scenes in One Piece. Ones thet made you sad and gave you chills, others when you wanted to beat the life out of someone and when you cursed and wanted Luffy to punch them.

There are also many funny moments and many times we wanted the manga to never end.

Did you get goosebumps?

Sabo always looked after Luffy and saw him as a small, younger brother. That is why he took it as his responsibility to keep him away from any harm.

Even after so many years have passed, he is ready to abandon everything and leave his position just to save him or help him.

Would you join them?

Shanks has an amazing crew. We know almost nothing about them, and yet they are popular and feared in the One Piece universe.

They appear to be great team mates, friends and fighters. It is said that every living person would want to join them. Would you? And why? Why not?

Which will happen first?

Luffy is aiming to become the next pirate king and to crush the current world government, because it is not rightful. Zoro is aiming to become the world’s best swordsman, because of his promise with Kuina.

There may be something more, but it was not yet revealed. Which will happen first?

Is he the strongest in One Piece?

Shanks had not enough screen time for us to evaluate if he really is the strongest in One Piece. There are many others like Kiado, Dragon, Blackbeard, Big Mom…

Shanks sure does have a very strong haki and he is feared as a swerdsman even after losing one arm. What do you think?

Does Luffy hate anything more than this?

Luffy has a strong sense of respect and friendship. He does not care when he is suffering, just like he is now starving on Big Mom’s island.

But he is concerned about Sanji and wants to help him. Luffy puts the lives of others in front of his own. He will never allow anyone to harm his friends.

Which monster trio is better?

Ace and Sabo took care of Luffy, but from time to time Luffy and Ace would get in a fight and Sabo, as the brain of the team, would come between them and make them reasonable.

Now when Sanji and Zoro argue in a serious situation, Luffy makes them stop. He did grow up.

Will there be a war?

Will there be a war in the Wano country? They are all going to take back the kingdom from Kaido, but that will not be that easy, because Kaido apparently can not be killed.

Zoro and the others must find a way to take back everything and give it to Momonosuke.