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Top 10 Strongest Pirates From Blackbeard Pirates

Blackbeard Pirates are taking the stage right now  in One Piece and this is a list of the Strongest Pirates from Blackbeard Pirates. This list is from the weakest to the strongest in my opinion with what I’ve seen from the Anime and manga.

Top 10 Strongest Pirates From Blackbeard Pirates – Weakest To Strongest

10. Vasco Shot

His abilities are still to be shown, he was jailed in the level 6 of Impel Down but survived the fight to make the cut in joining the Blackbeard crew. Very little is known about Vasco, he is always seen drunk and wanting to drink more. On one occasion, he told Blackbeard that they should invade an island just for the booze. He endured the same hit from Whitebeard as the others with the Gura Gura no Mi fruit shockwave and another shockwave from Sengoku Buddha form too.



9. Van Augur

The Usopp of the Blackbeard Pirates. He is much more skilled than Usopp. With the rifle Senriku by his side, he might be the strongest sniper in the series. One episode showing his ability is when the Straw Hats had witnessed seagulls flying around the ship and Chopper suggested Usopp that they have been shot down. With no island in the vicinity Nami dismissed it as it was impossible. Van Augur or Supersonic as some call him, could tell that one of the seagulls didn’t die immediately. He is also known for his speed in running and shooting in the fight against Ace.



8. San Juan Wolf

I given him this position as he did not participate in the Marineford but we haven’t seen Sanjuan Wolf in action and his past is erased from history. He is also known as Colossal Battleship due to his size. He has been imprisoned in level 6 of Impel down. He was one of the survivors when Blackbeard told level 6 prisoners to fight to the death and the ones survive will be part of his crew. Even though he was the only person who did not fight in the Marineford battle and his full body never revealed yet, due to his past crimes the marines erased his existence from history. This could only mean he is one mean badass.

7. Avalo Pizarro

Avalo Pizarro is also known as the Corrupt King. He has cat-like characteristics like has vertical pupils like a cat, his blue hair resembles a lion hair and his moustache is quite long like a cat’s moustache. He also got horns attached to his head. If you are wondering is that all? Well he’s got black and dark bronze metallic gloves. He is one to look out for as he has still to show us what he is capable of.

6. Doc Q

Doc Q is the doctor of the Blackbeard Pirates. He was born with a chronic illness that makes him need Stronger (his horse) to move around. While having a sick body, Blackbeard still wanted him in his crew and he takes no weaklings with him. He rejected Jewelry Bonney with a bounty of 140 million so Doc Q must be very tough. He endured a direct shockwave hit from Sengoku in his Buddha form and stood up with almost no damage at all. He also have survived after being exposed to Magellan’s venom. In the Marineford battle he heavily injured Whitebeard with his scythe. His sickened body shouldn’t be able to handle a scythe that big let along injuring Whitebeard. Doc Q has superhuman strength too as he could be seen paddling their raft and keeping up with Jesus Burgess, the man with titanic strength.

5. Catarina Devon

Also known as Crescent Moon Hunter. She is the most dangerous women in the series so far. She was in level 6 too. She is seen around wielding a spear or a staff whilst attacking Whitebeard. Without saying any spoilers, you should keep an eye on Catarina and we should soon see why she is called Crescent Moon Hunter.

4. Laffitte

His epithet is “Demon Sheriff”, he was once a policeman, now with the Blackbeard pirates. His powers still unknown but what we know so far is that he can obtain wings possibly from a devil fruit. He is seen around with tap dancing shoes and a cane. He is also the navigator of the crew and the captain of the 5th fleet. 2 things that makes him dangerous is his infiltration skills, he infiltrated Mariejois and nominated Blackbeard as Shichibukai. Mariejois is the sacred land of World Government and he managed to infiltrate and joined the meeting also he hypnotized the gatekeepers of Marineford to open the gates of justice to anyone passing through.

3. Jesus Burgess

Is the Captain of the first ship of Blackbeard’s crew. He is mostly known for his brute force and never give up as he doesn’t know when to accept defeat even when badly injured by Sabo and having a bone sticking out of his legs. He also won the Block A in Corrida Colosseum in mere seconds. He can easily rip apart an entire building and grabbing it from the foundation and throw it a long distance like he did to Ace. Even though his legs are insignificant compared to his upper body he has great strength in them as he leaped of the Dressrosa Palace and got to the second level in a brief time to get to luffy’s position. Apart from carrying an enormous physical strength he also possesses Busoshoku Haki and to top it all off he is after a Devil Fruit which probably he will get soon.

2. Shiliew

Shiliew is also known as Shiryū. He was the former Head Jailer under Magellan. He was stripped of his duty and jailed for not showing mercy on prisoners and brutally kills anyone he targets. Shiryū is a deceitful, bloodthirsty, calm and cool headed. He got angry on how badly the Blackbeard pirates prepared themselves for the New World. Shiliew owns a nodachi, which is a sword with the cutting abilities and range far better than a katana. He killed many people inside Impel Down once they gave him back his sword in under a second.

1. Kuzan

Even though Kuzan is not part of the Blackbeard pirates and just an ally as BB pirates do not trust him as he was a former Marine, I must put him in this list. He was one of the marine Admirals and he is one of the strongest around too. He might also beat Blackbeard at this stage one-on-one, but Blackbeard is a good strategist and showed it from the beginning. Kuzan was nominated for the position of fleet admiral by Sengoku. With his Hie Hie no Mi fruit and his abnormal overall strength he is one of the most dangerous around.

Bonus: Blackbeard

I cannot leave out the mastermind in finding out how to obtain and eat 2 devil fruits without dying. Blackbeard has the Yami Yami no mi fruit (dark dark fruit) obtained by killing Thatch for it and also killed Whitebeard with the help of his crew and the marines(they didn’t try to help him) to obtain Gura Gura no Mi fruit (Tremor tremor fruit). He became a Yanko (one of the 4 emperors of the sea) holding 2 devil fruits, betrayals one on top of the others, cunning and this is just his beginning. Who knows what he will accomplish next.

One Piece Chapter 873: “Trapped Like Sweets in a Cage”

Hey guys! I’m here with the review of One Piece Chapter 873. In the previous chapter, the Whole Cake Chateau fell down. Streusen used his devil fruit ability to minimise the damage caused from fall. Thanks to his powers, the casualties were very few. However, at the end of the chapter Big Mom went on rampage. Now continuing towards the new chapter, the Chateau was turned into a real by Streusen. The Big Mom pirates were helping out the citizens, who were trapped under the cake. Tamago came to know that the Tea Party was destroyed by Bege and the Alliance.

After a long time we finally got a glimpse of Pekoms. Baron Tamago informs Charlotte Oven that the communications to the hall were were cut off. Pekoms informs Oven that the Fishman pirates ran away from the island during the time when the communications were suspended. It was all a part of Jinbe’s plan to send Big Mom into an outrage and provide the Sun Pirates with an opportunity to escape.

Katakuri asks Brulee to accompany him in order to kill Luffy so that he might not big threat to Mama in the future. His conversation was interrupted as Smoothie was shouting in panic. Big Mom had Opera in her hand, who had fallen prey to her power. Big Mom continued to destroy things around her. They thought that they could create a cake similar to the wedding cake but, Streusen is hurt and he can’t do anything. Meanwhile, Perosuperō tells Mama that there was a spare wedding cake that was made with the same “mythical ingredients”. However, the cake was taken away by the Straw Hats. Big Mom halts for a while and tells Perosuperō that he’s gonna die if he is lying about the cake.

Perosuperō starts crying, but to be honest who wouldn’t? Big Mom goes off to find the Straw Hats while riding on Zeus. The rest of the Big Mom pirates are troubled by the after effects i.e, when Big Mom comes back. In steps Pudding who says that she can create a chocolate chiffon cake with the help of Chiffon. Her evil side came out and it looks like she means business. They have planned on asking Big Mom to come to Chocolat Town in order to let her eat the cake. The Straw Hats find King Baum, who is hurt. But, Nami who has Big Mom’s vivre asks him to help them. Their joy is short-lived as Big Mom comes swooping down with a sword in her hand. One Piece is on break next week.
Take a bow Oda! What a chapter! A rampaging Big Mom faces off against the Straw Hats. This is too crazy. I can’t believe it. I seriously don’t see how Big Mom is gonna let them as her precious cake was destroyed. I’m very curious about what is gonna in the next chapter.
That’s all from me. Please tell me your opinions on the chapter in the comments section below.

One Piece Hollywood Live Action TV Series Announced!

One of the longest running anime/manga series ever is getting an official live-action TV show from Hollywood. The news was announced at the One Piece 20th anniversary event in Japan that this adaptation of mangaka Eiichir

o Oda’s original works will be created by Tomorrow Studios, in partnership with producer Marty Adelstein (FOX’s Prison Break, MTV’s Teen Wolf) and ITV Studios.

Tomorrow Studios is also producing a live-action television series adaptation of another popular anime/manga series – Cowboy Bebop.

The project for a live-action One Piece TV show from Hollywood is approved by Oda-sensei himself. He had sent a written message which was displayed at the event (shown below) that says there have been many tumors about making a live-action series on One Piece in the last two decades. It was three years ago, however, Oda-sensei decided to make a live-action work and after many twists and turns, he finally found the right partner. The announcement of a live-action work being in production is a coincidence with the 20th anniversary of One Piece, but Oda-sensei is very happy. Oda-sensei continues on to say this may cause some anxiety to the fans, however, the one condition for this project is to never betray the fans who supported his work for over 20 years. He wishes for everyone to get excited, wait for the next announcement, and to look forward to this One Piece live-action TV show.

One Piece is manga that focuses on a teenage boy by the name of Monkey D. Luffy. He is a pirate who wears a Straw Hat and can stretch like rubber. His dream is to find the treasure known as the “One Piece” and become a man who will be known as The Pirate King. The One Piece series began serialization in Shuiseha’s Weekly Shonen Jump in July of 1997 and the TV anime has been on air since 1999. The cumulative issue of manga boasts over 350 million copies in print in Japan alone.

It’s unclear when the official One Piece live-action TV show will air, who will star, and how closely it will follow the anime/manga. As we learn more about the One Piece Live-Action TV Show from Hollywood, we hope to let you know right here on Saiyan Island!

Gear 4th – “Plastic Man” – Luffy’s Malleable Rubber Awakening – Ch.849+ [Spoilers]

Yo guys! Buffy-san here with a little re-freshener theory. The deal is, I want to explain how would this Elastic, I mean, this MALLEABLE RUBBER awakening work!


Luffy’s malleable rubber awakening has been foreshadowed from GOMU GOMU NO UFO,
in other words, one of Luffy’s basic powers/abilities, what will be mentioned a bit later!

If you remember Baby 5’s Buki Buki no Mi, then I tell you, this will be the awakening form of Luffy! In other words –


Because it’s obvious, Luffy’s Devil Fruit is rubber. But if he adds the awakening of his Devil fruit, he will get a BUBBLE-GUM Logia-type body.

Why would Luffy’s awakening form be similar to Baby 5’s Buki Buki no Mi?

The reason, Luffy might be split into pieces, just like a Bubble-Gum.

(Baby 5 reforming after being split to pieces from the missile explosion)
And he obviously needs time to gather up himself again, so that means he will have an enjoyment of immunity against the sharp things!

And why Bubble Gum? why not anything else?
Bubble gum is also a rubber, and it’s made by PLASTIC AND MALLEABLE!

I’ve noticed that from Dexter’s Laboratory!

When Dexter used a bubble gum to become a Rubber-Man/Elastic-Man.
(Dexter’s Laboratory – Dexter was using Bubble gum to become a rubber man)


(Gear 4th – Gomu Gomu no Culverin)
And Culverin might have been the 2nd foreshadowing for Luffy’s malleable rubber awakening, because one of Gear 4th’s abilities shows how malleable can Luffy be!
But I think, it’ll be more similar to Majin Buu’s regeneration, when he’s going to split into pieces.

(Majin Buu)
I know it’s not Dragon Ball, but I bet Oda-san will be kind to copy that kind of regeneration.


  • Elasticity/Plasticity: He can stretch his limbs and body to superhuman lengths and sizes. There is no known limit to how far he can stretch his body.
  • Size Alteration: He can shrink himself down to a few inches tall
  • Shape-Shifting: He can contort his body into various positions and sizes impossible for ordinary humans, such as being entirely flat so that he can slip under a door or using his fingers to pick conventional locks. He can also use it for disguise by changing the shape of his face and body. In addition, he can alter his bodily mass and physical constitution at will, there is virtually no limit to the sizes and shapes he can contort himself into. But the only weakness of the shape-shifting is, when he speaks himself and starts using his rubber powers, even if he got the shape of that person he shifted into!

Ex.: he takes the shape of Aokiji. But he needs to keep quiet or else he’d get busted.

  • Superhuman Agility: These stretching powers grant “Plastic-Man” heightened agility enabling him flexibility and coordination that is extraordinarily beyond the natural limits of the human body.
  • Superhuman Strength: He can alter his strength by growing or adding more muscle. Like he did at Gear 4th.
  • Color Change: The only limitation he has relates to color, which he cannot change without intense concentration. He generally does not use this ability and sticks to his red and yellow colored uniform.
  • Invulnerability: Luffy’s awakened powers extraordinarily augment his durability. He is able to withstand corrosives, punctures and concussions without sustaining any injury (although he can be momentarily stunned). He is resistant to high velocity impacts that would kill an ordinary person, resistant to blasts from energy weapons, and is completely bullet proof. His bodily mass can be dispersed, but for all intents and purposes it is invulnerable.
  • Regeneration: He is able to regenerate and/or assimilate lost or damaged tissue, though it does take a long time, its far faster than an ordinary human.
  • Telepathic Immunity: Luffy’s mind is no longer organic. It’s untouchable by telepathy. Mostly Luffy would be immune to mind control!
  • Immortality: Maybe Law’s “death” would be the answer why won’t he get aged any year after his 30s too! Even if he’d be 200 years old or elder.
  • Ultrasonic Detection: Yes, the only hit-back of Luffy’s awakened form.His body will start to “ripple” when an ultrasonic frequency is triggered.This is why won’t be a match against Blackbeard. Because of the powers of the Gura Gura no Mi would just rip him off easily and he needs time to regenerate.
  • Rubber Organs: Luffy’s organs are rubber as he is; he also shifts them around in his body to prevent harm. He doesn’t keep his brain in his head, which has allowed him to survive decapitation.

(One of Luffy’s awakened abilities)
So he won’t have any problems with the attacks, as Gomu Gomu no Hammer
or any other attacks. OH! and during the Wano Kingdom Arc he’ll be able to fencing by creating a sword out of his Rubber Body, so this is why Luffy won’t need any weapon, a sword neither, because he can create a weapon out of his own body with this MALLEABLE RUBBER awakening!

  • Luffy will learn it to use during the Wano arc and he’ll make it perfect in the 2nd timeskip.

(Note: the story is about 65% complete, so there’s still a chance for Second timeskip)

  • Which means he can be able to shape-shifting with his awakening form!
  • It doesn’t even matter he uses Gear 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5TH, but I strongly hope that the awakening will be more destructive if he combines with his Gear forms!
Like he may have done with Gear 4th, what has make him to activate Tankman!
Which means, we’ll get one step closer to Luffy’s awakened form!
What do you guys think?!



The Sad Truth About Gol D. Roger’s VA

Well, if you all are not aware with this…

Then I’m going to tell you that, Gol D. Roger’s VA might going to be Ohtsuka Akio (Voice of Blackbeard) or Naoki Tatsuta (Voice of Capone “Gang” Bege) because unfortunately Gol D. Roger’s regular Voice Actor, Ohtsuka Chikao (Yes, he was Ohtsuka Akio’s father) has died in January 15th, 2015, which will be almost 2 years, he left us all.

So I’ll be curious about who will be the present VA of Roger.


What kind of Martial Arts could the Straw Hat Pirates do?

In my opinion, this would be the most possible answer from Oda, if somebody would ask him in an SBS:


Luffy – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Because in real life Luffy would be a Brazilian)

Zoro – Aikido Karate (Because Aikido is mostly based on the Samurai Techniques, but only without swords, and Zoro would be a japanese nationality)

Nami – Hokutoryu no Jujutsu (It’s because the Hokutoryu no Jujutsu is mostly used at the North countries, like Sweden. Finland, Norway, ASF. As she would be swedish)

Usopp – Dambe (It’s because Dambe is an ancient African martial art, and Usopp would be an Afro nationality)

Sanji – Tae Kwon Do (It’s because Tae Kwon Do is mostly based on the footwork)

Chopper – Kung Fu (It’s because he uses Kung Fu Point a lot of times)

Robin – Sambo (It’s because of her Russian Nationality and Sambo is created by the Soviet Red Army in the 1920s)

Franky – American Judo (It’s because Franky would be an American and Judo would fit into him in the best way)

Brook – Wing Chun Kung-Fu (It’s because of his clothing style)


In the real meantime,

Pope II. Urban declared a holy war against the holy land, Jerusalem in August 15th, 1096, which it was the first holy war to free the holy land!

And this crusader wars were been raging over 2 centuries.
In other words from the 11th to the 13th century!

Where a lot of kings like –

  • King Richard Lionheart, English king,
  • King Andrew II. Hungarian king,
  • King Louis VII, French King,
  • Emperor Redbeard Frederick I of the German-Roman Empire
  • Prince Henny II of Austria,
  • Prince Jason of Hungary,
  • Emperor Henry VI of the German-Roman Empire,
  • King Louis IX, French King,
  • and many other kings were joined.

And this 200-year-war was a real bloodbath, where children were been taking part!

Sorry, I’m trying to tell you more concisely, because it’s too long to tell the whole history about the crusader wars.

Which means, in One Piece, the 20 kings were joined during that war where a greater or lesser movements joined in the first place, when the ancient kindgom declared a war against the Holyland, which is named as Mariejois.

When they captured the Holyland, those 20 kings were met and founded the World Government. But one of them were refused to be being a part of the holyland.

After the war, in 1206 (I mean the Crusader war in the real meantime)
13 nobles were separated from the crusaders and they had been keeping a secret meeting in every year, in a run-down pub in the heart of Venice. 4 or 9 of them were backed down when they heard the horrors of their “comrades”. But they couldn’t have left without punishment to take out the trash.

And they were known as the Venetian Black Nobility, where their main place is in Switzerland in our present days.

Maybe Switzerland is conspires in One Piece, because the Celestial Dragons were inspired by the Black Nobility. Switzerland is untouchable, nobody can touch a Black Noble.

The celestial dragons are controlling the values, the food, which country can rise up or fall down, where they created the system (Shichibukai, Yonkou) to assign a sucker to rule over an assigned country. What can get an uprising or downfall by EACH assigned person.

See: Alabasta, Dressrosa, Wano Kingdom.

By creating a NEW WORLD ORDER.

This is why Monkey D. Dragon had enough of the constant lies and created the Revolutionary Army.

And since I always notice that, the history repeats itself in One Piece, maybe in the final war will be as the same as it started. But here, the Revo Army will start a greater or lesser attacks against the Marines and local movements.

Did Doflamingo make Viola into HIS woman?!

Q: Why do Doflamingo and Violet call each other “Doffy” and “Viola”?

Oda: Actually there is a profound setting about it, but I’m afraid I can’t tell you. I told my editor about it, though. Considering ONE PIECE is Shounen manga, I’d like to hide it since the reason is for adult audience. Dressrosa is a nation of passion, indeed!!

NOTE: I guess that, this is why she did, it’s because of making Doflamingo himself to spare her father’s life, the former  king’s life, King Riku Doldo III (Who’s been the regular king again of Dressrosa).


Hands up, if somebody will do the same in the end of One Piece!

I know there are a lot of people, when they will do it like Rayleigh, when One Piece ends!

As us too, when we’ll see that glorious moment about Luffy & the crew.

But some other interesting things about One Piece!


I mean, the ending.

The series will end in 2027, it’s because of the 30th anniversary of One Piece, and Oda Eiichirou’s Health issues.

Not unconditionally does that in 3D2Y style – 4 weeks 3 Chapters, you know.



Chowder is using Gear 3rd!

Yeah, our favorite “Tanuki-like” creature couldn’t stay out of this party! Because he might have been the first Gomu Gomu no Mi user!


A.K.A.  Chowder.


But unfortunately he isn’t! He can only thank this limb size alteration by a Cream Puff Machine, where he couldn’t resist to help people with it!